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Goblin: Sunny’s BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe [02]

Hello everyone! I was nursing my emptiness after drama Goblin ended. There really isn’t any drama I look forward to as much. OCN’s Voice drama is not bad though. Similar to Goblin on tvN, this drama Voice on OCN is also broadcasted on cable tv. You need to pay to watch in Korea. Naturally the drama gets less hype and traction, compared to drama like Descendants of the Sun that was broadcasted on KBS (free channel). I would suggest watching if you wish to void the emptiness in your heart like me.

In episode 9 of Goblin, the four main characters met for the first time as a group in Sunny’s new fried chicken store. It is also the episode where Grim Reaper held Sunny’s hand for the first time and learnt about her previous life.


How to get to BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe

Hop on the subway to Jonggak Subway Station (종각역) and take exit 4. This should only take around 10min to arrive at the destination. Come out from the exit and turn right, walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.

Walk straight.
After exiting the alley, turn left.
Walk straight.05
Keep walking straight.
There you are!08
The bbq premium cafe is the store.
Close up of the store front.

BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe
(Cheonggyecheon 81) 11-5 Gwancheol-dong, Jongno District, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 종로구 관철동 11-5(청계천로 81)
Tel: 050-4109-9263

Goblin: Sunny’s BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe [01]

Sunny is the very beautiful BBQ chicken shop owner who hired Euntak as a part-timer though the shop didn’t seem to have a lot of business. Here we are to see where Sunny’s original BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe is. This is the store that Sunny owns at the start of the drama. Later on, she moved the store to one with larger area space. I’ll be sharing the guide to the larger store in my later posts.


This shop is a branch in Gangnam district. Fortunately, the shop is fairly easy to arrive at.

How to get to BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe

Hop on the subway to Daecheong Subway Station (대청역) and take exit 4. This should only take around 10min to arrive at the destination. Come out from the exit and walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.

Keep walking straight.
Turn left into this alley.
Keep walking.
Look to your right and there is the BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe.

BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe
687-2 Ilwon-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul, Korea
서울 강남구 일원동 687-2
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 2am daily
Tel: +82 02-3411-5949

Goblin: First Encounter

I am on a roll! Haha Do you count this as part of new year resolution, to update this space more often and hopefully it would count towards less money wasted on the cost to maintain this domain?

Again in episode 1, the scene where Kim Shin meets Euntak for the first time in the rain.


I’m sorry I went a little overboard with Kim Shin’s close up screencaps. His eyes can talk and I can stare into them forever. (Coughs)

Anyway this scene was filmed outside Duksung Girls’ High School (덕성여자고등학교).

How to get to 덕성여자고등학교

Hop on the subway to Anguk Subway Station (안국역) and take exit 1. This should only take around 5min to arrive at the destination. Come out from the exit and walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.
Turn right at Shinhan Bank.
Walk into the alley beside the entrance of the school.
Keep walking straight.
And you will arrive at the filming location below.
Perhaps this angle will put things into perspective.

This is also the filming site for Coffee Prince. Is this a coincidence? You might want to read more about the scene in Coffee Prince in case you forgot. I honestly don’t remember. This drama took place too long ago. Should I go back and re-watch this drama? Hmmm…

Goblin: Grim Reaper’s Tea House

Happy New Year everyone!

I know I have been neglecting this space for a bit. I was hooked up on dramas, as usual. Unfortunately the dramas I was watching, either doesn’t motivate me to move my lazy ass to search for drama scenes, or there isn’t anything significant for me to search for. Take for example, the drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Almost the entire drama is filmed within the set. Ok, enough of my excuses.

Now, let’s move on to my recent favourite drama – Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. The name is too long. I shall call it Goblin from here onwards. If you ask me, this drama has certainly outperform Descendants of the Sun and has taken the honourable #1 position in my heart. But nobody is asking my opinion, so I shall not dwell into how awesome this drama is. Go watch it for yourself!

Since I have been hooked up on this drama, why haven’t I been searching for the filming sites? The sad truth: Majority of the filming took place outside of Seoul. That means, it is highly inaccessible via public transport and the likelihood of people visiting these sites decreases with that in consideration. With that, I shall start off with filming sites that are in Seoul – comparably more accessible via public transport.

Episode 1 when Kim Shin and Grim Reaper first met, Kim Shin passes by outside a stone wall and look beyond those walls, only visible to his eyes. His eyes met Grim Reaper who was in his tea house. Kim Shin commented that Grim Reaper’s hat is ugly and Grim Reaper was offended.

00102 0304

The stone wall where Grim Reaper works, is Deoksugung Stone-wall Road (덕수궁 돌담길).

How to get to 덕수궁 돌담길

Hop on the subway to City Hall Subway Station (시청역) and take exit 1. You’ll only need 5min to get to the street, but much longer walk to the place where filming was carried out. Come out from the exit and walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.
Walk past a few shops and you will reach Dunkin Donuts. Turn left at Dunkin Donuts.
While you are walking straight, you will find yourself arriving at the Deoksugung Stone-wall Road. Isn’t that fast? That is really just a 5min walk.
But if you are looking for the exact location where filming took place. You’d have to walk much much further. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you) Basically walk straight all the way, until you arrive at the junction below and turn right. You are not there yet.
Continue walking straight until you come to this turn below. This is the exact same wall where Kim Shin saw Grim Reaper.

This place is actually worth visiting because you can see autumn foliage if you are visiting in the fall. Korea Tourism Board has also recommended this place to view the fiery colours of autumn. Especially if you are in the area to visit the Deoksugung Palace, I’d say you don’t give this sight a miss.

Lucky Romance: Nolsoop Cafe

I’ve recently caught on another Korean drama called Lucky Romance (운빨로맨스), starring Hwang Jungeum and Ryoo Joonyeol. Yes, Ryoo Joonyeol who also acted in drama Reply 1988. So glad to see him having a drama of his own as a leading actor. While I was rooting on Park Bogum in Reply 1988 despite how cute Ryoo Joonyeol was, I’m so happy to be able to gush and cheer on him whole heartedly in this drama.

In the latest episode (episode 6), Joonyeol discreetly (not) followed Jungeum to a cafe and realised she was actually meeting Gary to convince him to be part of the game they are developing.
I did some research on the cafe and it turned out to be a comics (they call it cartoon, but I think it’s more like comics) and books cafe. There are reading materials for you to read in a comfortable environment. When hungry, you can order food and drinks too. A good place to chill out with your friends and when there are awkward silences, fret not. Apart from digging into food, you can dig into the comics or books in your hands.

How to get to 놀숲

Hop on the subway to Jamsil Subway Station (잠실역) and take exit 3. According to Naver map, it takes 16min to get to this place. Come out from the exit and walk straight. Walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.
002From Naver map above, there seems to be some constructions going on. If there isn’t (completed by now) you probably can cut across from in front of Lotte Hotel World to get to this Charlotte Theatre below. Walk straight past this theatre.
003Cross the road to the other side as seen below.
Continue walking straight. There really isn’t any good landmarks along the way. Only some high rise apartments on your right. The view below is what you see on your left when you are walking straight.005
You will arrive at a cross junction. Cross the road to the opposite side and turn left.
Walk straight and these are some of the shops you see. There’s Gong Cha bubble tea shop!
Continue walking straight and you will arrive at the building below. This cafe has actually replaced the Caffe Bene you see in the picture below. Pizza Hut is still there though.
A clearer close up shot below. When you arrive at the destination, you wouldn’t miss the signboard.
From the picture below, you can identify the scene where episode 6 was filmed!
_02 _04
I really like how the seating areas are segmented. There are common seating areas you see below.  _05
There are also individual spaces for people who prefer so. _11
Even the signages are cute! This sign says when climbing up the stairs, be quiet and careful.
The sign below says it is very dangerous to lean against the railings, and that it is really very painful if you fall down.
__08_10 _09
They even have blankets to keep yourself warm and cozy.
Smoking room available if you require.
Pricing for each person is as follows:
A: 2hours + Drink at 6,500won
B: 3hours + Drink at 8,000won
C: Full Day + Drink at 15,000won (Only available on normal days, maxed at 24:00hr)
D: 1hour at 2,400won (Every 10 minutes thereafter at additional 400won)

놀숲 Nolsoop
1-3 Tae Ho building, Seokchon-dong, Songpa District, Seoul, Korea
서울특별시 송파구 석촌동 1-3 태호빌딩
Operating Hours:
Sundays – Thursdays: 10am – 2am
Fridays – Saturdays: 24hours
Tel: +82 02-420-9918

BBQ Charcoal Grilled Eel

I am deeply missing the streets of Korea and the cold crisp air in April. A time where any day is a good day to have barbecue. The weather is always ready for some intensive grilling and it just depends on what you chooses to put on the grill in front of you.

Throwback to April some years ago, I visited the store below for barbecue eel opened by father of CNBlue’s drummer Minhyuk. Minhyuk stars as Jo Haneul in the Korean drama Entertainer. This drama is now showing on SBS every Wednesday and Thursday, 10pm (KST).

DSCF9720 DSCF9722
There are sticky notes and pens available for you to leave messages. DSCF9723 DSCF9724
Charcoal grilled food is my favourite.DSCF9725 DSCF9727
The steamed egg is good and should not be missed.DSCF9729
When I visited, it was the period where CNBlue was holding concerts over the weekend. A Japanese female lady visited the restaurant with her male friend. Minhyuk’s dad was so excited that he changed into the concert merchandise t-shirt to showcase in front of the delighted female fan. Thereafter, the fan left and Minhyuk’s dad changed back to his working clothes.

When I requested to take a photo with the father, he suggested for us to take the photo with the background below. So thoughtful of him. As my friend was counting down to take the photo, Minhyuk’s dad paused everything and turned to me, asking how his hair looked. I laughed and said he looked handsome. Satisfied, he turned to face the camera and did a V pose. Just thinking about how cute he is brings smiles to my face ^^DSCF97311

Reply 1988: Ddeokbokki at 코스모스 분식

Reply 1988 is another good drama from TvN that got me hooked.  This drama stars Park Bogum, who is from the same company as Song Joongki. Somehow this 1988 series outshines the 1997 and 1994 series, I reckon.

In the final and last episode, episode 20, female lead Deoksun (acted by Hyeri from Girl’s Day) reunites with her close friends, Mik and Jahyun after 6 years. They met up at this ddeokbokki place.
The food looks good and isn’t expensive.

How to get to 코스모스 분식

Hop on the subway to Gusan Station (구산역) and take exit 3. Come out from the exit and walk straight. Walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.
Turn right at this junction.
Walk a little and you will arrive at the restaurant on your right.
The restaurant interior.

코스모스 분식
서울 은평구 연서로 15길 2
15-gil 2, Yeonseo-ro, Eunpyeong District, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 2-358-6623

Descendants of the Sun: Song Joongki’s Treat at 한라산

With the high viewership rating and all the love received from public, Song Joongki gave a treat to the entire drama team of Descendants of the Sun on 01 April. Due to the overwhelming amount of people crowding the place, they even changed a restaurant at the very last minute. The media still caught hold of the news and flocked to the new restaurant in no time. Look at the crowd.

201604012118079310_2 201618801459511898

Song Joongki came out for a while to greet the media and allowed photographs to be taken.

20 06 02 52

Thanks to the media photos, I managed to find the address of the restaurant they visited! The barbeque restaurant opens til late and food is charcoal grilled. It is situated near subway station too! All the more reason to visit this place!

How to get to 한라산

Hop on the subway to Gangnam-gu Office Station (강남구청역) and take exit 3. Come out from the exit and walk straight. Walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.





Turn right into the alley here.


Continue walking straight.


Turn left at this junction.


Walk straight.08


There you are! Notice the banner on the left.


The shop front.


How the restaurant shop front looks at night.


The restaurant interior.


The menu and prices.


And the table you can expect in front of you after ordering (gulps).




강남구 논현동 115-3 1층
Level 1, 115-3, Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 6am
Tel: +82 2-512-1242

Descendants of the Sun: 서래갈매기

Have you watched episode 13 of Descendants of the Sun? After Yoo Sijin and Seo Daeyoung returned to Seoul from Urk, they got 3 days leave which they decided to spend their time drinking. The place where they struggled to stay awake from 72 hours of drinking is situated in Seoul!

Image01 Image02 Image03 Image04 Image05 Image06 Image07 Image08

I was screen capturing the scenes of this episode and went a little overboard because I simply couldn’t resist the drunk and cute Song Joongki. (Coughs) This place is fairly easy to reach, as compared to the dal.komm coffee cafes I introduced previously.

How to get to 서래갈매기

Hop on the subway to Hoegi Station and take exit 1. Come out from the exit and turn left. Walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.
Just walk straight a little and look to your right. The restaurant is right there!
How the restaurant looks on the exterior.
The place looks spacious.
You might be delighted to know this restaurant uses charcoal to grill your food. Cooking with charcoal brings out the real taste and aroma of food, in my opinion.
In case you have doubts that this is the restaurant, below is the signed poster of Song Joongki and Song Hyekyo.

서울 동대문구 휘경동 191-5
191-5 Hwigyeong-dong, Dongdaemun District, Seoul, South Korea
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 3am
Tel: +82 2-967-3450

Returning to Childhood in Seoul

Back to my Korea trip in July! 4 months has passed since my trip and boy, I am missing Korea so badly.

Everyone of us woke up to an empty and growling stomach. Butterfinger Pancakes to save the morning! When I said I haven’t tried Butterfinger Pancakes before, I received gasps from my friends who couldn’t believe me missing out on the goodness.

Please do not belittle the quantity. As much as the 5 of us wanted to stuff these delicious plates of food into our stomach, we simply couldn’t anymore. I felt like if I had continue stuffing, I’d need to loosen the button on my shorts.20150714_1159261If you haven’t tried (gasp at you) and is interested to try it out, the outlet we visited is in Gangnam.

Butterfingers Pancake
Address: 1317 Seocho-gu, Seocho 4-dong, Shinhung Building Level 1, Seoul, South Korea
서울 서초구 서초4동 1317 신흥빌딩1층
Operating Hours: 7am – 3am

How to get to Butterfingers Pancake

Board subway line 2 to Gangnam Subway Station (강남역) and take exit 9. Walk straight and follow my red arrows.01002003At the zebra corssing below, turn right.004005006007Turn right again.008009After turning, look to your right. Butterfinger Pancakes is right there.10While we were full and satisfied, making our way to the subway station, the big SALE word outside Accessorize shop stopped us in our tracks. A selca while waiting for my friends who were combing through the store. 20150714_1312401
We finally arrived at Lotte World. My first trip to this indoor amusement park! If you ask me, the rides are not as exciting as the Everland. After all, there’s T-Express at Everland, that can beat all the amusement rides in Lotte World. Of course, we still had fun!20150714_1537461The outdoor portion of the amusement park. We queued and waited for the rides, but the wait was simply too long and too humid for us waiting under the sun. We settled for less exciting rides in the end because they had shorter queues. I’ve been to Korea in June before and I must say, the sun in July is much more glaring compared to June. I shudder at the thought of August…20150714_1721061Dinner was at 달으로家. This is the same place where Super Junior members have been eating since trainee days. This restaurant was also featured in the Super Junior M Guesthouse variety show.20150714_2032201 달으로家
Address: 662-6 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울특별시 강남구 신사동 662-6
Telephone: 02-518-9936

How to get to 달으로家

Get to Apgujeongrodeo Subway Station (압구정로데오역) and take exit 5. Turn back and follow my red arrows.01 Walk straight and turn left when you arrive at this zebra crossing.02Walk straight.03Turn left at this junction below.04Walk straight and turn right at this junction below.05Walk straight.0607Keep walking straight and you’re almost there.08There you are! Arrived at the destination!09How the shop front looks like.10Ending this post with our selca. 5 of us from Singapore, Vietnam, Boston, Texas and Indonesia finally meeting in Korea, brought together by a concert (smiles).14413784276531