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Full of Anticipation: May

In a glimpse of eye, we’ve entered May! A month I’ve so looked forward to. There was Super Show 6 concert in Singapore, right on the first day of May. I thought this day would never come, so I decided to attend Super Show 6 concert in Macau. This is another story, gonna be in my next post.

To my delight, all the members were in such a good mood. To think the last time I saw the entire Super Junior in such a good mood was MAMA held in Singapore on 29 November 2011. So many years ago! I didn’t take a single photo during the concert in Singapore and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Everything is captured through my eyes, imprinted on my heart.

A mandatory selca to end the night at the moshpit with my friend. I’m glad she managed to take some good photos with my shielding from the security!

Dinner was at Bugis after much contemplation. A very satisfying meal with the gang, and some new friends I made.

Coming back to the topic of how awesome May is, 05 May is a public holiday in Korea because it is their Children’s Day! How awesome that even adults get to celebrate Children’s Day! Never lose the child in us ^-^

Children’s Day in Korea this year, also marks the last day of army duty of Yesung, my bias in Super Junior. Because it is a public holiday on 05 May, he gets to be released from service one day earlier! No longer just Kim Jongwoon, he’s finally assuming back the identity of Yesung – the voice that melts my heart. Because of his return, a plan is brewing. Hopefully there are some confirmed news and my plan would fall nicely into place.

Singapore Art Fair 2014

I visited the Singapore Art Fair with a friend in November. Interestingly, this art fair is the first modern and contemporary art fair in Asia focusing on Middle East, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia (ME.NA.SA) art, held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. I do not have any artistic flares in me but I like to pretend I do. Not an artsy fartsy person but I can still learn to appreciate art right?

Recently it’s been raining almost everyday and I’m loving it. Brings down the temperature in Singapore and I can add layers to my outfit without feeling the heat. Makeup also stays longer on my face. Yet it’s a drag to step out of my house. All I want to do is roll around in bed all day. Look at the heavy downpour when I went out. Even my shoes from SPAO are wet.

A selfie while waiting for bus to arrive.

The guide that doesn’t help me out. I was lost in this big big space of art pieces on display. On a side note, they collected the entry pass back from us just before we entered the exhibition hall. Lucky for me, I have already taken the photo below. Hee!

I just picked a few I liked to share and it turned out to be so much pictures. Lots of scrolling to do for this post!

Just entered the hall and giggled hard because I saw this. This whistling face is too epic.

Let’s start off with cute art pieces that are easier to appreciate.

There is ice-cream!

So happy to see fennec fox and little prince of B612.

The following two art pieces are “Fly” and “Hang” by Seungsub Lim.

Look at the head in a heart shape.

A major art work on the partition wall.

The following is “Scream” by Il Dong Kim. This is pigment on canvas. This really reminds me of the Simpons drawing in Junhyung’s house.

She is staring at you.

My personal favourite.

I like how the letters “Love” fit into this Chinese character “Love”.

Watcha looking at? LOL

I like the next piece so much that it is now my Facebook header photo.

The Last Supper before Leonardo da Vinci, 2014 by Dadi Setiyadi. The artist imagines the scene in which Da Vinci’s painting, “The Last Supper” taking place before guests arrive. This piece is acrylic on canvas.

When we exited the exhibition, we were famished and exhausted. The place is so huge with so many art pieces to admire, one afternoon is simply not enough for us. We then realised why there were 3-day passes sold. To think that we were so naive to believe we could absorb everything in one afternoon.

Oh well, according to the Singapore Art Fair official website, this event is to be held annually. That means I have something to look forward to again, in November 2015.

The night ends with ice cream at Rabbit Owl Depot.

I’m not a fan of milky ice-cream so there’s not a lot of choices for me. I got the sesame flavoured ice-cream and I love it. Sesame flavour is hard to go wrong anyway.

Rabbit Owl Depot
Address: 420 North Bridge Road #01-06, Singapore 188727
Tel: +65 6336 4075
Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 12pm – 10pm
Friday – Saturday: 12pm – 11pm
Sunday: 2pm – 9pm

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant

Some time ago, when BEAST released their “Good Luck” album, I got a friend who travelled to Korea to help me carry the albums back. That’s right, I used plural form because I bought 2 albums.

The black and white version of the albums. I had to get both because the photos captured in both albums are different. Black version presents a more charismatic side of BEAST whereas white version is more refreshing.

And the photo cards I got from both albums. Black version of Dongwoon and white version of Yoseob. The photo cards are totally random. One can also get a white version of photo card in black album. But I managed to get one black and one white version. The best part… … I got the white version of Yoseob! Out of the 12 photo card designs, I love this the best and I got it. Sobs… I do have fate with my bias after all.

I met up with my friend at Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant simply because they have a dish that I really crave for. It was our first time dining at this place and I do love it.

The seafood pancake that is crunchy and tasty when dipped in the sauce provided.

The highlight of the meal: Raw beef with egg and pear. This is the dish I was craving so badly for. Before eating, mix the egg well with the raw beef and diced pear. Remember to add on the fresh pear by the side with every bite. I cannot tell you how much love I got with every bite. This is definitely a must-eat-dish.

Apart from the above, we also ordered grilled pork belly and rice. The dishes we ordered filled the 2 of us to the brim, but we managed to clear all the plates. Satisfaction!

Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant
265 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574392
Tel: +65 6452 2112

Honey Creme in Singapore

Are you ready for the big announcement? (Grabs Pom Pom) Honey Creme is in Singapore! Hooray!!!!

The first time I tried them was in Korea and was so addicted to their goodness ever since.
Presenting to you their famous Honey Comb Cup.

The milky ice cream is quick to melt with the Singapore weather, so slurp it all up while you can.

The galore of macaroons in the shelves at the counter. I’m gonna try one of this in Singapore one day!

There are very limited seats in the store itself but they did spend some efforts into their interior design. I would suggest buying to-go because the queue for pick up extends to the seated area. You can hardly feel the air conditioner working with the crazy crowd at this moment.

I am sorry to break to you the news, even on a weekday afternoon, I queued for more than half an hour in order to get my own cup of treats. Honey Creme is located near the taxi stand of Somerset@313, which means outdoor queuing. If you are not already dying for the cup of cooling ice cream, I can assure you, this is something you crave for by the time you reached the counter.

I am definitely going to get myself a second cup one day… … when there are less people in line to buy.

Honey Creme
313 Orchard Road, #01-37 Singapore 238895
Tel: (65) 6884 8468
Operating Hour: Monday-Sunday, Public Holidays 1100 – 2200

Emergency Couple Fan Meet in Singapore

A few months ago (coughs), main lead actor and actress of drama Emergency Couple came to Singapore for a fan meet. I didn’t realise it’s been so long since I’ve been to a fan meet! (Alright, I also didn’t realise I haven’t been blogging for ages) The last fan meet I went was Super Junior’s hidden member, Kim Kibum fan meet in Singapore. Having only being an ELF from around Super Show 3 concerts, I missed the chances of knowing Kibum, let alone see him. Thanks to Korea Tourism Board in Singapore, I got free tickets to watch with my friends. Teehee!

Side track! The male lead for drama is Choi Jinhyuk. He acted in dramas such as “Gu Family Book” and “Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog”. When he visited Singapore for the fan meet, he was preparing to film for the new drama “Fated to Love You”. During the fan meet, he serenaded us by singing “Scent of a Flower”. Though not perfect, it was enough to melt all of us.

The female lead is non other than Song Jihyo, whom most of you are familiar with through the variety show Running Man. She’s so sporty and friendly. She sticks out her hand first to shook mine and her handshake was so firm. Her skin is practically flawless. When asked during the event, how she maintained her good skin condition, she responded that she made sure there is sufficient rest and cleaned her face thoroughly. Is it really that easy?!

Anyway ever since this event, I can be found on almost all the news outlets reporting this event, such as Stomp and New Paper. They have taken so many photos during the event and all they kept using is this particular cropped photo.

Look at the original photo below. You can totally see them cropping only the few of us out to use in their news articles. Our photos even appeared in Korea news articles. (Slaps forehead) I am going international, seriously. By the way, I blur out the faces of people I don’t know.

Enough of my grumblings. Let’s look at Choi Jinhyuk and Song Jihyo. I can’t believe I called out “oppa” to Choi Jinhyuk and told him I’m a fan in Korean. He replied with his deep husky voice “Thank you” with outstretched both hands to shake mine. O)-< Dead

When can I see them again~~~~~~~

Singapore eAwards 2014

Thanks to Rock Records, I got free tickets to watch Singapore eAwards 2014 earlier this month. The awards ceremony was held in Sentosa and it’s been a long time since I last visited. It was a star dazzling night. I went to support Henry from Super Junior M but I get to see the live performances of other artists as well!

Presenting to you Jia Jia and Alien Huang from Taiwan, who bagged many awards.

And be prepared for the spam on Super Junior M – Henry. He’s the biggest winner of the night, of course. Heh! Finally we’ve got a chance to hear him sing Trap and 1-4-3 live!

The derp face is just so cute!

Look at how happy he was with the trophies!

I am missing Super Junior already… … …

National Day 2013 Preview

I am so overdue on my posts! I won some tickets to watch National Day 2013 Preview Show so I brought my mum along. It’s been so long since I went for National Day Live Show! The last time I did was probably secondary school days.

I wasn’t feeling well that day. Before the show, I was still dozing off at Starbucks. The sun was too toxic. I immediately grew even more sick after the show.

I was so afraid to go hungry for the show that I bought Smoothie King + Subway Set to the show. I forgot there is a big goodie bag with lots of water and snacks to keep us through.

Eager to take pictures before I even set the items down. Teehee!

The National Flag that flew above our heads. I must say the stage looks good with Marina Bay Sands Hotel behind.

The seats we got was pretty good! I’m really glad I won the tickets.

Ending the post with the super big and creepy talking Merlion.

As I’m typing this post, I’m sick again! It’s like the 3rd time these few months and each time it takes weeks for me to recover. Argh! Drink more water and take more vitamin C peeps!

Cosmos People Descended Upon Singapore

I went Switch for the first time in July to catch a live performance by Cosmos People, a band from Taiwan. To my surprise, Switch is quite a big venue. It gives me the vibe of Timbre. No wonder everyone whom I spoke to, told me it is the Chinese version of Timbre. Timbre basically plays English songs, and Switch plays Mandarin songs on top of English songs.

Anyway we were sitting very near the stage, first table in fact. So we had a very good view of the performers! Yay! The ambience in Switch is quite good, given the dim lighting. Warm, cozy fuzzy feeling.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because most important part is to enjoy the performance with our eyes, ears and heart. Switch doesn’t limit taking of pictures though. So bring on your DSLR if you like!!!

The last time I saw them live was back in year 2010 when I took a 3D2N trip to Kaohsiung just to watch them and Wonfu performed. Those were the days~~~~

The band that changed in members, leaving only 2 familiar faces I know of.

I quite like the above picture though my favourite member of this group is blocked here. The vocalist looking like he owned the world.

We got autographs, handshakes and photos with the band. Awesome!

To top it off, we happened to have supper nearby the concert venue and the band joined us shortly after. I had to work the next day so I left around midnight on cab. It was cool enough to be having supper with the band. Totally rocks the night!

A Pleasant Surprise: Black Box

I received a knock on my door a few weeks back and there was a parcel for me. I love receiving hand written letters and parcels! They are like surprises sent to me right to the doorstep. This parcel was from The Black Box.

Look at how sleek and mysterious the box looks. I couldn’t wait to unveil the inside of this box.

Items are nicely wrapped and carefully packed together. I like how they present the items in the box. I didn’t have to worry if the granola bars were in pieces. Boy I love Oats and Honey flavor granola bars. I know fruity granola bars taste good too but I prefer sweet and crunchy bars. They satisfy my hunger better.

I unwrapped the items out and voila! There are so much vouchers! Teehee!

Oh~ I have seen so much advertisements about the new Darlie Expert White toothpaste. My teeth is naturally born yellowish and no amount of washing at the dentist can bring out the white. This was told by my dentist. I still won’t give up and have been using whitening toothpaste ever since. Alright, my daily coffee dosage isn’t helping either. I’m so excited to try this!

The contents of the box really covers your needs from body to health. There are granola bars to give you the energy you need, spa vouchers to let you relax your mind and body, shopping vouchers to pamper yourself with Sanrio products!

I couldn’t wait for my next box!

The Black Box is so sweet to be giving you the black box for free if you subscribe now. What are you waiting for? Visit their website and grab it!

Chinese New Year!

Singapore has Chinese being the biggest population here, so naturally we regard Chinese New Year the biggest festival of the year. There are so much myths and customs we follow by closely for this special festival.

For one, we usually do a spring cleaning for our houses before Chinese New Year, put away unwanted stuff and give our houses a major cleaning. On the first few days of Chinese New Year, we don’t sweep the floor because we believe it would sweep the “gold” away. I also faithfully do spring cleaning before every Chinese New Year! It is like a timeline I abide with so that I can ensure my room doesn’t get too dusty over the years.

There is another myth of getting new clothing for Chinese New Year. They say how we behave and what we wear for the new year determines how things will be for the rest of the year. New clothing implies new beginning, so we girls enjoy shopping even more with this legitimate reason backing us up. All the more, our big family gathers together during this time, some of whom we only see each other during this time of the year. Naturally we have to look our very best!

Anyway during the Chinese New Year this year, I met up with my younger cousins. The ladies are growing up so well now. I feel old… … … But I’m glad we are close even til today!

I was looking at the photos and realize how similar our noses look! I wish I have a chance to right my nose into something smaller, with higher nose bridge. It now looks like a ping pong ball being stuck right in the middle of my face isn’t it?

I need a trip to Korea… … … But I need money even more XD