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Super Show 6 Encore

The second day started off with sundae soup at 마포소문난족발순대국, near our guesthouse. I’d lose my voice if I consume spicy food in the morning, so I ordered a non-spicy one. Surprisingly, the non-spicy sundae soup also tasted awesome! I guess we came to the right store.

20150711_1132581 20150711_1134211

This place seems famous with the pictures of broadcasting stations hanging on the wall.


The photo below isn’t blur, by the way. The steam from the pipping hot sundae soup blurs out the ingredients. The sliced meat pieces were soft and chewy. The glutinous rice steamed to perfection. I couldn’t get enough of the tasty soup.


With our bellies filled to the brim, we headed out to SM TOWN at Coex Artium.  Every level has different purpose. For example, one level is celebrity shop where we can buy all sorts of artists merchandise, another level is a theatre for audiences to enjoy holographic and live performances.

IMG_20150711_123950120150711_1315291 20150711_131625120150711_1317001

It’s funny how beside every photo/poster/banner of Siwon, there’s his signature right beside. He’s the only one who has signed against all his faces that appeared in the building. LOL~


We decided to rest our feet at the cafe. Ordered a blue lemonade that was contained in a Mamacita bottle. You can bring this bottle home with you! It’s a good souvenir for myself, I’d say. The Super Show 6 badge as seen below was given out with every encore concert ticket shown.


And this is how my tickets looked like. Both days standing in mosh pit. Who am I trying to prove that I’m still going strong at my age. The Mosh D pit on second day was beyond squeezy. I shudder at the thought of it… ….


Finally the planned highlight of my trip – Super Show 6 Encore concert. The first stage where Kim Jongwoon returns as Yesung, singing on his home ground. You can’t imagine my anticipation and excitement for this.

SM Entertainment finally decided to change the base of the lightstick so I had to get another one. The previous version was so fragile that I have never used it before. Friends who used the previous version all broke the handle part before the concert could come to an end.

When attending Super Junior concerts in Korea, and you’re only planning to purchase the lightstick and nothing else, there is a separate queue at the merchandise counter. More efficient and everyone gets to wave the right lightstick during the concert.


Day 02 of the concert was raining heavily. Luckily, the guesthouse lent out umbrellas! Even the rain couldn’t dampen my high spirit for the concert.


After concert ended, we finally sat down for the second meal of the day: Bossam (보쌈). Wrapping the pork slices in vegetables, along with kimchi is heavenly, especially after hours of enduring hunger.


During the concert, I was enjoying myself and grinning like a fool whenever I see Yesung on stage. Photos were only taken using my handphone at the end of the concert.

20150711_2140471 20150711_2140321 20150711_2140281 20150711_2140261

I’m glad I made the right decision to attend this concert. When would the next Super Show be held? I hope it isn’t going to be a long wait.

Hong Kong and Macau: Super Show 6

When I thought I would missed Super Junior’s Super Show 6 concert because their tour was almost coming to an end and there seemed to be no news of anyone bringing the show to Singapore, I made a decision to fly to Macau to attend the concert. I have started attending Super Show since their third tour, Super Show 3, and I didn’t want to miss out on Super Show 6, with or without my bias.

Their concert was on a Sunday, but my friend could only embark on the trip on Sunday itself. Hence my plan was to head over to Hong Kong to play for a day, then meet my friend in Macau on Sunday, and finally homeward bound on Monday. It was going to be 3 different countries in a span of 3 days! How exhilarating!

My previous passport was one of 10-year lifespan. It was old and crumbly especially since I didn’t use a passport cover during my cabin crew days. I recently (finally) changed to the new one that can only last for 5 years. It’s my first time bringing the new passport out!

I don’t know why but both Hong Kong and Macau doesn’t do the passport stamp anymore! They just gave me pieces of papers. I go through Singapore immigration through the thumbprint biometric scan, so no passport stamp either. After visiting 2 countries, I still have my passport looking as good as new! But… … I want to collect the different passport stamps! (Wailing)

Bah… Coming back to the topic! I didn’t manage to get cheap air ticket to fly directly to Hong Kong, so it was flight to Macau followed by a ferry ride to Hong Kong. Boarding at 5.35am is seriously an unearthly hour. I guess it’s probably why I fell sick the moment I reached Hong Kong. Lack of sleep and under clothed from the wind.

First time taking a ferry to Hong Kong. Of course it was! It was after all, the first time I stepped foot in Macau. Haha! The ferry was an hour ride and the rocking motion sent me into deep sleep almost immediately, if not for the other rowdy passengers on board the ferry. I’d highly recommend bringing ear plugs. Both my ferry rides to and fro were filled with passengers who had to shout instead of talk. Deafening.

My Hong Kong friend who is ever so kind to always put me up at her house! And I get to go play with her cat each time I visit. The adorable thing who only wants to play! I miss the cat already… … … … …

It was a pleasant trip and I managed to meet up with some friends whom I haven’t seen for a long time. I kept making a mental note to take pictures with those peeps but it just gradually slipped my mind. I guess my mind was more like gradually slipping into a coma from the flu medication I was on. Oopsie! I’m sure it’s not going to be the last time I’m gonna visit Hong Kong. Though the next time I visit, I will probably look older in photos T^T

The view from my hotel room in Macau is awesome.

And the room is awesome as well! If given a chance to visit Macau again, I’m quite sure I’ll return to this Venetian Hotel for stay. There’s a living room separated from the bedroom, 1 television at each side. The lavatory is also separated from the shower. Facilities suited for your needs if your travel mate is known to hog the shower room for ages. A lot of girls are guilty of this heh~

My ticket for the concert! Highlight of the trip!

Shindong has left for army, leaving only 9 members on stage in total.

Pardon me for my ghastly pale face. My flu was getting from bad to worst. The place where we were queuing had awful ventilation.

Next up is photos spam from the concert itself! If you are ever going to lift my pictures to post elsewhere, please credit!

I am so loving this series where KangTeuk came to give us love 

The last solo photo I took of him before he left for army.

Heenim is giving his love as well 

The ending thumb kiss~

After the concert ended, we were so tired and returned to our hotel for room service. The first time I tried ordering room service in a hotel! (Another first!) Just after our shower, the food arrived. Nice timing!

The next morning, the one and only item on our itinerary for the entire trip: Macau Tower!

233m above the ground is VERY windy. I can’t even tuck my fringe behind my ears, hair flying all over the place.

See how good we look from above! (Pun Intended) (233m from above the ground = Camera from above. Geddit?) Hahahaha~

The walk took us approximately half an hour. Totally dig this. The employee told us they are coming to Singapore soon! I was cracking my head on the possible places they can do this, and I could only think of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Can’t wait for them to come. (Rubs hands in glee)

Full of Anticipation: May

In a glimpse of eye, we’ve entered May! A month I’ve so looked forward to. There was Super Show 6 concert in Singapore, right on the first day of May. I thought this day would never come, so I decided to attend Super Show 6 concert in Macau. This is another story, gonna be in my next post.

To my delight, all the members were in such a good mood. To think the last time I saw the entire Super Junior in such a good mood was MAMA held in Singapore on 29 November 2011. So many years ago! I didn’t take a single photo during the concert in Singapore and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Everything is captured through my eyes, imprinted on my heart.

A mandatory selca to end the night at the moshpit with my friend. I’m glad she managed to take some good photos with my shielding from the security!

Dinner was at Bugis after much contemplation. A very satisfying meal with the gang, and some new friends I made.

Coming back to the topic of how awesome May is, 05 May is a public holiday in Korea because it is their Children’s Day! How awesome that even adults get to celebrate Children’s Day! Never lose the child in us ^-^

Children’s Day in Korea this year, also marks the last day of army duty of Yesung, my bias in Super Junior. Because it is a public holiday on 05 May, he gets to be released from service one day earlier! No longer just Kim Jongwoon, he’s finally assuming back the identity of Yesung – the voice that melts my heart. Because of his return, a plan is brewing. Hopefully there are some confirmed news and my plan would fall nicely into place.