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It has been a while, Taiwan!

I went Taipei to attend a wedding last November. Re-visiting Taiwan wasn’t on my travel plan last year, but since it’s a close friend’s wedding, I just had to tweak my plan a little. I took the chance to meet up some old friends whom I haven’t seen in years. A couple I’ve known has opened a cafe and retail store. The place wasn’t hard to find at all.

Doesn’t the sitting area looks cozy and feels like you can sit back and relax in it all day? I love natural sunlight in a cafe. While we were there the whole time, they didn’t switch on any lights at all. This is how brightly lit up the whole place was.DSCF14551 The corner where my friend sat for hours and poured his heart and sweat to make shoes. The shoes can be customised at a very affordable price!DSCF14521DSCF14541 A cafe and retail store in one. The kitchen was open concept.  DSCF14511
Some of the items from other designers that were featured in their retail store.DSCF14501 DSCF14491 DSCF14481 DSCF14471 DSCF14461Nothing fanciful from the menu, which is why you don’t need to worry about oil or noise from their open concept kitchen. I was very at ease the whole time I was there. DSCF14611The lighting was too awesome that I had to take photos.

20151115_1425271 20151115_1425581

Since my last visit in November, my friends had since closed down this place to move on to a larger space. They are now newly opened in Shinlin! Do drop by for a visit if you have an afternoon to escape from the bustling city in Taiwan.

Address: 台北市士林區福德路48巷12號一樓(Shilin Subway Station Exit 2)

Taiwan Indie Pop

Right before I opened myself up to KPOP, I was very much into Taiwan Indie Pop. Not that I’m not into them anymore, the number of artists I’m looking out for has decreased over time. Some of the artists I still pin very high hopes on their music are 1976, Katncandix2, Mayday.

I used to be so head over heels with Wonfu and Cosmos People too. I even flew all the way to Kaohsiung for a 3D2N trip just to attend one of their concerts. Technically it was less than 3D2N if you add in the travelling time, 4 hours flight from SG to TPE and 2 hours on train from Taoyuan Airport to Kaohsiung.

My group photo with Wonfu, Cosmos People and Taiwan friends.

Over these years, these two groups have somehow evolved. Wonfu came up with album catering to children age group. Though I still bought their album and got autographs for them, I can’t really say I love their music as much anymore. For one, I don’t put their latest album on repeat mode now.

Cosmos People on the other hand had, half of their members (2 out of 4) went to army. Not that I couldn’t survive the short army wait, the band themselves couldn’t survive the army years. The band returned with only 2 remaining members out of the original 4.

I still recalled I had my first album signed and written with my name by Chen Wei Da, the bassist when they came Singapore to perform. He was my favorite member then. After which, he bid farewell to the band saying he wanted to focus on studies. Like I’d believe that. I did get a copy of note later, which he wrote to my Taiwan friends on his explanation. I can’t share the contents of the lengthy note though.

I moved on and accepted the band for what it is. The 1.5 album, as they called it, was signed by my second favorite member, drummer Wei Hong Bo. After releasing this 1.5 albums, 2 of the members went into army. And when they finally returned, the drummer too bid farewell. This time it gets even more absurd because no reason was given. He’s now acting in drama catered for children, by the way.

The Cosmos People is now made up of 3 members, of which I can’t remember the third member’s name. They got their 2nd album out and I haven’t placed order for them yet. I always joked that if I get another member to sign on my 2nd album, I’m afraid he’d leave the band too.

Anyway my friend went Taiwan for a trip earlier this year. She brought me gifts from my Taiwan friends whom I haven’t seen in two years.

A Kaohsiung magazine with many pages featuring Mayday.

The front cover of the magazine in case you wonder. Edition 9 of Kaohsiung Pictorial. I’m not sure if it’s still available on the shelves. Probably not?

Gogo Rock fan and postcard, a card from Katncandix2 concert in TICC. A very memorable concert as it marks their milestone. I’m still feeling sore from not being able to see my friends perform in TICC.

Wonfu concert stickers. I do have a lot of them in stock actually. ㅋㅋㅋ

Cosmos People stickers. This is very hard to collect because the band only scatters them to the crowds during concerts and autograph sessions. It is so hard to get a full set!

I hereby conclude, I love my Taiwan friends so much! It’s been so so so long since I visited Taiwan. I need to save money and make a trip soon… … …