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July is Seoul Wonderful

As I was sharing on my last post, I made an unplanned trip to Seoul last month. It was a short trip as compared to my previous trips, where I usually spend at least 10 days per trip. For this trip, I want the strain on my wallet to be at it’s minimum because there are other plans this year (for sharing another time ^^).

My second time travelling on Asiana Airlines and still as satisfied with their service. Luggage weight capacity is slightly lesser compared to Singapore Airlines of 30kg, but 20kg is sufficient for me this time. The Singapore Changi Airport ground staff did share with us over the counter that we could actually carry up to 23kg, without charge. According to the website, it says 20kg though. I guess 23kg probably applies to aircraft on a light load. Prepare your heart and wallet to pay if you’re checking in your >20kg luggage on a heavy load.

I arrived in the airport at 6am and had to wait for the EG SIM Card counter to open. My friend and I ordered and paid for the SIM card prior to our trip. Our precious hour passed and the counter finally opened. To our dismay, there was system error and we couldn’t collect our SIM card. Eventually, we turned to GS25 to purchase a SIM card from the same company and it worked. My take back from this incident – don’t bother ordering and paying online in the future. I only got the refunded money credited back to me after my entire trip. Money refund process is painfully slow. There isn’t any apology delivered to us, whether in person over the counter or via email. Pfft!

My simple OOTD at the Incheon Internation Airport. Airport fashion has to be comfortable in my opinion. Didn’t get much of a wink on the aircraft though. I thought I’m the type who can fall asleep easily on planes, especially since there is reduced oxygen at 35,000 feet above sea level. This trip proved me so wrong.


My friends and I made our way to the Chocolate Tree Hostel at Sinchon and checked in. We briefly washed up and left for Ewha University Subway Station to fill our stomachs. Settled for a non-Korean breakfast at 에그엔드스푼레이스 (Egg and Spoon Race). Their portions are big. Ordered 2 dishes for 3 girls to share and we still couldn’t finish all these.

20150710_1052061 20150710_1047201

While eating, we got to embrace the lovely Korea culture of readily available electricity points to charge our mobile phones. Yes, we get to charge our mobile phones almost everywhere in Korea, without having to ask the staff. If you ever forgot to bring our your own charger, don’t panic. Keep your eyes wide open and watch out for mobile charging carts on the go that helps you charge your devices at a cost. In Singapore, you see carts selling ice-cream on the go. In Seoul, you see carts selling electricity on the go. If I ever go out of job, this is probably what I’m going to start doing for a living.

While my friends were prettying themselves up with hair dye and perm, I did a quick wash and style at the same Cecica Hair salon. I used to be a regular customer of Juno Hair for their dye and hair cut services. Throughout the years, they have turned so expensive that I decided to turn to my own hairstylist in Singapore instead. On the overall for Cecica Hair, services are satisfactory. Comparing prices, I’m glad I decided to get my own hair cut, dye and perm in Singapore before my trip. You get the gist ^^

I was done in no time and dozing off at the hair salon, waiting for my friends. It’s too embarrassing falling asleep in the hair salon, so I left and thought I am better off falling asleep at Hollys Coffee instead. Don’t ask me why I got the idea. I found myself in the same comfortable sofa seat, at the same Hollys Coffee when I visited a few years back. In case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t fall asleep there either. I guess my pride won over the sleep monster. Or maybe it’s just the coffee taking effect and I stole the credit for my pride.


My friends finally completed their hair services and we took a whole lotsa selca along the way back to Sinchon Subway Station. Where are the pictures, I hear you ask? I don’t have any of them with me! Wailing… … …

Now that I’m looking past on my trail, my Day 01 is really full and packed. Gonna be back for more of Day 01 soon!


It’s been a very busy but rewarding month for me. An unplanned trip to Seoul and back. I can’t get enough of Korea and I am still in heavy withdrawals from the trip. The trip was so wonderful that I told myself “I am ready to die without regrets now.” A figure of speech because I’m greedy and I want more from deep within. But it goes to show how satisfied I am!

I want to share about my trip so much but I haven’t had time to do this. Give me some time to organise my thoughts and photos. I’ll be back soon!


Perfect Way to Complete the Trip

This is the finally the last post on my Korea trip in April. Hahahahahaha~

I was just talking to my friend the other day about how awesome this shop is. Mukshidonna (먹쉬돈나) has a lot of outlets all over Korea. The last time I looked, they were opening an outlet on Garosu-gil too.  Their ddeokbokki is cheap and delicious. The first time I brought a female friend to eat for her first time, we ate 4pax portion and paid less than SGD$20 each! What makes it so special is that you get to choose what to add to your wok! Eggs, fishcake, cheese, dumpling, different kinds of noodles… etc. In one week, I ate this twice. It is how good this place is!

On my way to Cube Cafe (located at Cube Entertainment), I walked past this directory to a building. So artistic!

The buzzer to my drink at Cube Cafe. Interestingly, they’ve recently renovated the cafe! I wonder how it looks like now. Gotta make another trip there soon! Heh~

That night was the first time I was going to watch Beast’s Yoseob and APink’s Eunji performance in a musical. I couldn’t believe my luck that I get to see this awesome cast acting in “Full House” musical.

The big billboard listing all the main cast of this musical.

I throughly enjoyed myself. The story of this musical was a light-hearted one to start with, so there were jokes throughout. Sitting at the fifth row is a bonus of course. So close to the stage (blush). Haha~

Returned to the apartment famished. My friend and I decided to order Chinese takeout. 2 Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) and 1 Sweet and Sour Pork (탕수육). We got free dumplings for our orders too! The quantity is too much for 2 of us. We ended up keeping one bowl of Jjajangmyeon for consumption the next day.

The next day was a trip to pet cafe with my friends. It seems like quite a number of artists chose to send their dogs to this particular pet cafe when they are away for a trip. Unfortunately when I was there, I didn’t meet any artists who came to pick up their pets. This adorable dog in my arms knows how to look at my camera. Teehee!

Met my friend for clubbing another day.

Before clubbing, a satisfying meal to fill our tummies. The famous Myeongdong Dumplings!

This was the day I bought this bracelet from WhyStyle, Yesung’s store. He cutely passed me my credit card and smirked. After hopping 2 clubs, the bracelet was gone. Damn… I contemplated going back to the store to buy another one but this bracelet is quite pricey. My fate with this bracelet is too short a lifespan. Sigh~

Helped my friend to buy one in brown colour.

I didn’t take my friend’s advice to go clubbing on a Saturday, and went on Sunday instead. This was such a big mistake. The crowd on Saturday and Sunday really differs. So people, if you ever considered going clubbing in Korea, please go on a Saturday! Below is the moment I realised my bracelet was gone, and my hand was only decorated with the various chops from clubs ㅠㅠ

I went my friend’s house to stay over for the night. The next day’s lunch was Ginseng Chicken at Myeongdong that my friend recommended. I still prefer the Tosokchon Ginseng Chicken I had previously though.

It was soon time for another performance of “Full House” musical! This time, the cast was Beast’s Yoseob and Joo. Joo is BTOB member Ilhoon’s sister. If you ask me, I’d say I enjoy Eunji’s performance better, compared to Joo. In terms of voice, Joo has a higher pitch and sometimes it went out of control. I think Eunji’s voice has a broader range and with the bass in her voice, it is more soothing to the ears.  In addition, Yoseob and Eunji has a better chemistry compared to Yoseob and Joo.

I bought Black Tea Latte from Paris Baguette to complete my dinner with Kimbap from convenience store. The cup sleeve is so fitting for Spring in Korea.

On my last day in Korea, I had to leave for airport at around 4pm. I decided to spend my last day in Mouse Rabbit. My friends were telling me it’s not quite possible that Yesung would come on a Sunday afternoon, and I should just give up my hope. Surprisingly, he really came. Hence I ordered so many times from him and this Mango Bingsu is the bomb. After this bingsu, I really couldn’t stuff myself any further.

What a wonderful way to end my trip. Full of love from this trip, and full of anticipation to my next.

Hong Kong and Macau: Super Show 6

When I thought I would missed Super Junior’s Super Show 6 concert because their tour was almost coming to an end and there seemed to be no news of anyone bringing the show to Singapore, I made a decision to fly to Macau to attend the concert. I have started attending Super Show since their third tour, Super Show 3, and I didn’t want to miss out on Super Show 6, with or without my bias.

Their concert was on a Sunday, but my friend could only embark on the trip on Sunday itself. Hence my plan was to head over to Hong Kong to play for a day, then meet my friend in Macau on Sunday, and finally homeward bound on Monday. It was going to be 3 different countries in a span of 3 days! How exhilarating!

My previous passport was one of 10-year lifespan. It was old and crumbly especially since I didn’t use a passport cover during my cabin crew days. I recently (finally) changed to the new one that can only last for 5 years. It’s my first time bringing the new passport out!

I don’t know why but both Hong Kong and Macau doesn’t do the passport stamp anymore! They just gave me pieces of papers. I go through Singapore immigration through the thumbprint biometric scan, so no passport stamp either. After visiting 2 countries, I still have my passport looking as good as new! But… … I want to collect the different passport stamps! (Wailing)

Bah… Coming back to the topic! I didn’t manage to get cheap air ticket to fly directly to Hong Kong, so it was flight to Macau followed by a ferry ride to Hong Kong. Boarding at 5.35am is seriously an unearthly hour. I guess it’s probably why I fell sick the moment I reached Hong Kong. Lack of sleep and under clothed from the wind.

First time taking a ferry to Hong Kong. Of course it was! It was after all, the first time I stepped foot in Macau. Haha! The ferry was an hour ride and the rocking motion sent me into deep sleep almost immediately, if not for the other rowdy passengers on board the ferry. I’d highly recommend bringing ear plugs. Both my ferry rides to and fro were filled with passengers who had to shout instead of talk. Deafening.

My Hong Kong friend who is ever so kind to always put me up at her house! And I get to go play with her cat each time I visit. The adorable thing who only wants to play! I miss the cat already… … … … …

It was a pleasant trip and I managed to meet up with some friends whom I haven’t seen for a long time. I kept making a mental note to take pictures with those peeps but it just gradually slipped my mind. I guess my mind was more like gradually slipping into a coma from the flu medication I was on. Oopsie! I’m sure it’s not going to be the last time I’m gonna visit Hong Kong. Though the next time I visit, I will probably look older in photos T^T

The view from my hotel room in Macau is awesome.

And the room is awesome as well! If given a chance to visit Macau again, I’m quite sure I’ll return to this Venetian Hotel for stay. There’s a living room separated from the bedroom, 1 television at each side. The lavatory is also separated from the shower. Facilities suited for your needs if your travel mate is known to hog the shower room for ages. A lot of girls are guilty of this heh~

My ticket for the concert! Highlight of the trip!

Shindong has left for army, leaving only 9 members on stage in total.

Pardon me for my ghastly pale face. My flu was getting from bad to worst. The place where we were queuing had awful ventilation.

Next up is photos spam from the concert itself! If you are ever going to lift my pictures to post elsewhere, please credit!

I am so loving this series where KangTeuk came to give us love 

The last solo photo I took of him before he left for army.

Heenim is giving his love as well 

The ending thumb kiss~

After the concert ended, we were so tired and returned to our hotel for room service. The first time I tried ordering room service in a hotel! (Another first!) Just after our shower, the food arrived. Nice timing!

The next morning, the one and only item on our itinerary for the entire trip: Macau Tower!

233m above the ground is VERY windy. I can’t even tuck my fringe behind my ears, hair flying all over the place.

See how good we look from above! (Pun Intended) (233m from above the ground = Camera from above. Geddit?) Hahahaha~

The walk took us approximately half an hour. Totally dig this. The employee told us they are coming to Singapore soon! I was cracking my head on the possible places they can do this, and I could only think of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Can’t wait for them to come. (Rubs hands in glee)

In Seoul, Every Day is a Happy Day

After EXO went to this restaurant called “School Food” in the variety “EXO Showtime”, I too tried it with some friends in Apgujeong. Surprisingly, the dishes taste good! Ever since, I’ve been to the restaurant multiple times. It’s a good venue to meet for meals since it’s at the entrance of Garosu-gil, coming from the subway station.

Speaking of EXO, have you watched their new web drama called “EXO Next Door”? There’s English subtitles to the video from their official YouTube channel. It’s funny and there’s my ever-so-adorable Kyungsoo! Here’s episode 1.

Oh, I got distracted. (Coughs) It doesn’t matter how much food I consume. I climb stairs like below everyday. Yes, this is what I tell myself daily to feel less guilty. Haha!

To think I can still see Kyuhyun’s birthday congratulatory message at subway station in April. Lucky!

Met up with my Korean friend for a simple dinner along Hongdae. We weren’t very hungry so some ddeokbokki and odeng is sufficient for us to call it a meal. Even a simple meal like this makes me feel blissful.

There’s all these cute Kakao characters outside Kakao Talk cafe!

Why is my friend so pretty~~~~~~~~ Cam whoring while waiting for the subway.

And after much anticipation, the CNBlue concert in Seoul! Didn’t get a chance to catch Minhyuk’s drum sticks at the end of the concert. Didn’t manage to catch that in Singapore concert either. Forever in the wrong zone where Minhyuk chooses to throw. Pfft~ (Yes, I attended their “Can’t Stop” concert in Singapore too!)

Ready with my light stick and wrist tag to enter the venue!

Such a pleasant surprise to know Yesung is in Mouse Rabbit when the concert ended. We made a decision to cab down to Mouse Rabbit from the concert venue. Seeing my bias after a concert, is there any better way to end the night. (Smiles)

April Korea Trip Continues… …

I recalled my trip to Korea last year April was actually the first time I went to Mouse Rabbit, the cafe opened by Super Junior member, Yesung. That’s right, my bias. Everyone has been raving about the cafe because Yesung was there most of the time, and the awesome fan service he gave by taking your orders over the counter. You get to talk to him and shake his hand even. Talk about up close and personal interaction!

There at the nearest subway station, Konkuk University subway station, there was a banner congratulating another Super Junior member, Hyukjae’s birthday. Coincidentally it was his birthday month. Putting up advertisements in subway stations by fansites is actually a norm in Korea. It may be expensive, but it goes to show how much fans are willing to go for their idols.

Mouse Rabbit exterior doesn’t look like this anymore, though. They removed the windows of the outdoor area you see below, and added railings. It’s going to be cold and chilling sitting out here in the winter. I recalled us talking to Yesung’s dad about our concern of sitting here during rainy season. He explained to us patiently that they had to remove the windows due to regulations, and nothing much they could do about it.

Breakfast alone at the quiet Mouse Rabbit is pure bliss. Sweet potato cake and black tea latte. I miss these 2 items so much… … … Even the serviettes design has changed.

Wearing my newly bought 574 New Balance that unfortunately gave me aching legs because I bought a size too small. I love this design so much and everywhere doesn’t have my size. Cries! This pair is now belonging to my mother. And so, my mum now has couple sneakers with my Yoseob my Beast! Humph!

Chanced upon this advertisement at Myeongdong subway station. Couldn’t hide my excitement because I was going to be part of this.

Attempted to get our SIM card in Hongdae and failed due to new regulations in place. Foreigners are no longer allowed to apply for SIM card from the 3 main telcos in Korea: SK Telecom, KT and LG U+. Bad news for us having to enter music broadcasting shows. Had to treat ourselves to a good lunch for the dejection we were feeling. Korean Black Bean Sauce Noodles (Jajangmyeon) and spicy seafood noodle soup (Jjampong). The seafood noodle soup isn’t spicy at all!

On the side, we also added sweet and sour pork (탕수육) but I’m too embarrassed to paste the photo in here. We poured the sweet and sour sauce over the pork. What were we thinking! We should have dipped the pork into the sauce to preserve the crunchiness of the meat. How could we make such a fatal mistake (shakes index finger).

Craving for icy cold cider in this hot weather.

And craving ever so badly for this grilled pork intestine (곱창구이). Chanced upon this shop (강남곱창이야기) in Myeongdong and it happened to be the filming site for drama Reply 1997!

Ending this post with a random selca taken during the same trip. One of those times I was alone in Mouse Rabbit, waiting for Yesung to arrive.

Onward to China

Vacation has always been a form of escapade for myself. Ditching whatever I hold on my hands and take off in an air jet, travelling above 40,000ft in the air, barely containing myself in the seat for the unknown that is awaiting me.

Whenever I return from a trip, I am reluctant to unpack my luggage. Removing every piece of item from my luggage is a road of reminiscing, revisiting every moment of my trip. Seeing my unpack luggage lying there out in the open is like a reminder that my trip was just over, and I still have ample of energy stored up within me, to prepare myself for reality.

When the luggage is finally unpacked and stored high up above my wardrobe, it is finally the moment when reality hits me, that I have to make do with the amount of positivity left over from the trip to get me going until the next trip arrives.

The same goes for photographs. Though luggage unpack warrants nagging from my mom, so it gets attended to far quicker than photographs. I finally got to photographs taken during a trip with my parents to China 2 years ago (Yes, this is how bad my procrastination can get. Which you probably are aware, seeing me post about Christmas 2014 four months later. Coughs…).

A selfie at the first hotel we got to. Followed by selfies with my parents! Who do I look like?

Wishing it wasn’t so cold and they’d fill the pool with water so I could jump in.

Yes, the highlight of the trip was to Guilin, the hometown of our ancestors.

Our entire tour group, and you could see that I was the youngest there.

Since we were in the rural areas of China, there were a lot of boat rides, scenery views and a little mountain climbing.

Interestingly, the family that live in the house below, only leave their house and make their way down the mountain once a month. They are getting older in age and legs are not as strong. Leaving their house only for purpose of grocery shopping, sufficient to last them for another month.

Lighting from above is great for pictures!

And more boat rides and scenery.

Truth be told, I can’t recall where I was most of the times when I was looking through the photos. You see, that was a tour guided trip which I absolutely have no say in the itinerary. When people say move, I walk. When people say eat, I gobble the food in front of me.

Though the scenery is beautiful in rural areas of China, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t want to go again. As China is developing, there were heavy construction going on everywhere we went. So much dust flying around and I got major breakout starting from the second day I got there. It got so bad that most of the time I was wearing a mask that almost covered my entire face.

So apart from the first few days, I didn’t appear in pictures most of the time. Or when I do appear occasionally, the pictures look similar to above. After a while, I even gave up smiling for the camera. It doesn’t matter anyway, right? Travelling with my parents was a wonderful decision though. Just probably not China.

Seeing the last trip with parents was 2 years ago, I sense it is time for another trip with them. But trip this year is already planned out for and none of them involve my parents. So I guess it would have to be early next year? (Bites fingers nervously)

My post title is “Onward to China”. It felt more like “Backwards to China” since the trip was made so long ago. Ha!

Authentic Bibimbap in Jeonju

During my long long trip to Korea in April, I left Seoul and visited my friend’s hometown in Jeonju. If you have no idea where this place is, then you are missing out the most eminent aspect of Jeonju: Jeonju Bibimbap. Bibimbap originates from Jeonju.

My friend and I booked our bus ticket for departure at 8.10am in the morning. This timing is too inhumane. We decided to meet at around 7am at the Express Bus Terminal subway station to have our breakfast together before embarking on our trip. This is clearly an excuse. We settled at this meeting time because we were afraid we’d both wake up late and miss the bus.

At 7am that day, I messaged my friend to tell her I’ve reached! She told me to look for her at a certain exit number and boy, I walked. Have you ever groaned at the thought of the long walk, when changing from purple line to red line at Plaza Singapura MRT station in Singapore? This walk at the Express Bus Terminal subway station is at least 4 times of that distance. I put down my phone and concentrated on walking, for fear I would miss the correct exit. 10min later, my friend sent me a message to ask why I have yet to appear in front of her. The Express Bus Terminal Subway Station is Huge! Gigantic! Humongous! You get the gist? I wasn’t lost, it just took me a long time to walk.

After a 2.5 hours direct bus ride, we arrived at Jeonju! Don’t ask me about the view along the way. I basically concussed 5min after the bus left the berth. I was woken up by my friend telling me we’ve reached, in time to see our bus pass going through the Jeonju entrance gate. Her mother picked us up with a car and off we went to have our Bibimbap! We went to a restaurant named “Gogung” for lunch.

I trusted that my friend brought me to the best store in Jeonju for bibimbap and I was right. I only took a photo of the Bibimbap dish because my friend’s mother was dining together. Having to take pictures of all the food would mean she had to wait for me, and that would be rude. The side dishes and other additional dishes we ordered tasted good. The best is of course the main dish.

Next, my friend brought me to their local supermarket for some fresh strawberries and cherry tomatoes. They were so fresh and sweet, nothing like those we have here in Singapore. Interestingly, the packaging of the strawberries and cherry tomatoes had stickers on it, indicating the names of farmers who grew that particular pack!

After a filling lunch and fruits, we headed to a cafe for some energy replenishment in the afternoon. We went to the Cham in Coffee (참인커피) located in the Jeonju Hanok Village. This cafe is owned by Kim Woobin! He studied in Jeonju when he was younger and his parents are still living in Jeonju. Hence he opened a cafe there.

Kim Woobin at his own cafe.

And I was sitting at the exact same table as him.

Below is a drawing on the wall.

The poster of movie “Friends 2” with Kim Woobin in the middle.

Some decorations and painting in the cafe.

My friend and I chilled over a cup of coffee, overlooking the Jeonju Hanok Village from the second floor. The peaceful afternoon passed by quickly and it was time for me to tour the village myself.

A description of the Jeonju Hanok Village.

Look at how pretty the traditional Korean houses are! There are approximately 700 of these houses located here. To get this awesome full view of the hanok village, climb up the Ohmokdae hill, the highest place in town. It is next to the Jeonju Arts & Craft Exhibition Centre, and it took me around 10 minutes to reach the top.

I took this photo to tell my personal fitness trainer that I was also exercising despite my vacation. Haha!

I have no idea why, but we were tired once again. Perhaps it was the climb up and down the hill, or it was the heat. We once again retreated to a cafe, a different one this time, called Cafe Fermata (카페 페르마타). My friend highly recommended the honey bread and it was splendid. I think I could never eat honey bread from other stores again. Cafe Fermata honey bread has a thin layer of crust on the outside but practically melts in your mouth, as it is soft on the inside. My stomach is growling at this hour looking at this photo again.

We walked around the shopping district and had dinner before going to the bus terminal. My Korean friend is so pretty. Beside her, I pale in comparison.

It was finally back to Seoul for me. This time, on my own. I had a 1 day trip and find myself wishing I had stay longer. If you ever decided to go Jeonju, I would suggest planning at least a 2D1N trip.

Gogung (고궁)
Deokjin-gu, Deokjin-dong 2ga, 168-9 (Jeonju Main shop)
Tel: +82 63-251-3211

Cham in Coffee (참인커피)
Jeonju-si Wansan-gu Gyo-dong 274-2 (In front of Gyeonggijeon Main Gate)
Tel: +82 63-232-3003

Cafe Fermata (카페 페르마타)
Jeonju-si Wansan-gu Jeonju Gaeksa4gil 24-29

Bojeong-dong Café Street

If you’ve been watching Korean drama, the drama “Gentleman’s Dignity (신사의 품격)” is one you shouldn’t miss. It is a light hearted drama that talks about the love life of four men in their forties. Yes, you might think men in forties are old uncles and nothing enticing in the drama. You are wrong. One of the 4 male leads is Jang Dong Gun! CNBlue guitarist, Lee Jonghyun is also one of the fixed cast. Kim Woobin appears once in a while. Even CNBlue leader, Yong Hwa made a special appearance in one of the episodes. So much eye candies to look out for!

When watching the drama, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful a certain filming site is. The very place where Do Jin and Yi Soo met and had their first interaction. Yi Soo’s skirt was unravelled and Do Jin came to the rescue. It is also the place where Do Jin proposed to Yi Soo in the last episode.

The filming site is called Eco’s Library (에코의 서재), located on the Bojeong-dong Café Street. This cafe is the oldest book cafe on the street, whereas the street is full of cafes, apparels and accessories shops. A good place to sit back and relax, and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

The cafe is filled with books and giving a warm, fuzzy feeling with it’s wooden furniture and high ceiling. (2 above pictures lifted off Korean Tourism Board website)

I went on a weekday afternoon and you can see the street is almost empty. It is really a good place for leisure and chillax.

I went online to search for guides on how to head to this place, and the furthest I came across doesn’t lead to the destination. Most people got lost trying to come to this place because it is quite a walk from the subway station. I relied on Google Map to get me there. Good old reliable Google Map heh~

The subway station itself is outside of Seoul. Prepare ample of time for travelling and I’m sure you’d want to spend some time here, considering the amount of time you travelled just to get to this place. Below, I’ve prepared a guide to the Bojeong-dong Café Street.

How to get to Bojeong-dong Café Street

Take the subway to Jukjeon Station, Seoul Subway Bundang line and take exit 1. You will see Shinsegae Shopping Mall.

Walk past Shinsegae, towards the E-Mart.

See the logo “e”? That’s the E-Mart. We are going to walk to the street behind the E-Mart. So cross the street and walk towards that building.

You can head in here to get some drinks to get you going for the long walk. The gate below is the entrance into the E-Mart.

If not, keep on walking past the entrance, and you will see the road below. Just keep walking straight.

And walk straight further… …

You will need to cross the road and get onto this bridge below.

Get off the bridge and cross the road junction. Continue walking straight.

The plants I saw on the way. I recalled at this point in time, I started wondering if I was lost. The kind where you start to self-doubt because there are no indications at all if you’re in the right direction? I wanted to ask for directions but the streets were almost empty. There were no other options except to trust the Google Map and continue walking straight.

When you see the Kraze Burgers, you’re halfway there. Cross the street and keep walking straight.

You will arrive at a big junction where you can even cross the junction diagonally. You need to get to the side where Caffe Bene is.

Keep walking straight and you will see this Japanese restaurant below. Turn to your right, after this restaurant and you’ll reach the Bojeong-dong Café Street!

The exterior of the Eco’s Library cafe. Look at all the books. Not a word I understand. LOL

Their menu and the waffle I ordered.

Hope this guide helps you find the street safely. Do share with me your experiences on this street too!

Eco’s Library (에코의 서재)
Address: 11-3 Jukjeon-ro 15beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
Operating Hours: 11:00 – 23:00
Tel: +82 31 266 1138

O Cherry Blossoms, Where Art Thou

I was super exhilarated about my April Korea trip because it was finally a 3 weeks long break away from work, and best of all, my trip was right amidst the blooming period of beautiful cherry blossoms.

Our arrival time in Incheon Airport was at 9.50pm, so we only expected to reach Seoul at around 12am after the immigrations clearance and luggage collection. As expected, the streets of Hongdae was quiet and empty when we finished our dosage of cider and fried chicken.

The day ended with me breathing the air in Seoul, smiling to myself as I head to bed.

Breakfast was bibim naengmyeon at a random shop outside Ewha Subway Station. The question below pops up once we stepped out of the restaurant. Haha. I wish I could describe to you how excited I was feeling.

Before embarking on my adventures, the first thing I had to do was to visit hair salon! I want to look good in all my pictures for my trip (or at least look decent).

I seriously have no idea how they manage to twist the ends of my hair so they curl inwards and rest so well on my chest. Awwwww~ This is a technique I really need to grasp.

We stopped by Beans’ Bins for some waffle and coffee after the long hours of hair maintenance.

My fate with cherry blossoms has always been thin like ice. I recalled on one of my trips to Taipei in April, my Taiwanese friend confidently told me he’d bring me to a place full of cherry blossoms. Skeptical yet choosing to believe in the fairytale story he painted, I went. We climbed a small mountain in the rain, instead of taking the sheltered train because we wanted to take good pictures of the cherry blossoms. To cut the story short, I didn’t see a single thing because they’ve all withered and died. I couldn’t catch a single glimpse in that weather. The rain washed away even the petals on the floor. That is my very sad story of encounter with(out) cherry blossoms. Naturally I was thrilled and eager to finally be able to see the so magical trees and flowers.

We travelled to Kyunghee University for this purpose as the school has pretty ancient looking buildings that you would expect a princess standing there waiting for her prince.

This is a library! If my school library was this nice, I’d be there everyday waiting for my prince charming (I will be the princess waiting for my prince charming, of course).

Yes, look closely at the pictures above. There are no cherry blossoms at all. Zero. Zilch. None. One week before our travel dates, the weather in Seoul suddenly turned warm. All the flowers decided to blossom a week earlier, before our arrival.

These are the only cherry blossoms I see. On the floor ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I was standing at the above location, messaging my friend in Singapore who visited Korea a week earlier than me, whining about my non-existence fate with cherry blossoms. She sent me a picture taken 1 week earlier, at the exact same spot, full of cherry blossoms. So cruel. Sobs!

And so, we moved on.

After climbing a very very steep hill, we came to this magnificent building.

This Grand Auditorium also stages musicals and concerts at times.

Ending the post with a picture of me and my travel mate.  On a side note, I am so going to plan another April trip to see my cherry blossoms. (Roars)