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2016년 05월 03일

BEAST, First Album as 5 Member Group in Summer…”Title Song Recording”


Re-organised as a 5-people group BEAST (Yoon Dooojoon, Lee Gikwang, Yang Yoseob, Yong Junhyung, Son Dongwoon), will have a comeback in summer with new album.

It was revealed on the 3rd, BEAST without Jang Hyunseung, carried out recording for new album’s title song on the 2nd with comeback in July~August as target.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Yong Junhyung who displayed his abilities as a producer, took part in the song composition of the title song and members were all pleased with the song.

However, it seems like some time will be needed to complete album and music video recording.
Recently, Yong Junhyung released project single ‘When This Song Ends’, scheduled to perform small scale performances on the 6th and BEAST is scheduled to go on a Japan Tour in June.

There has been concerns on BEAST comeback since it has been 1 year since the released of 8th mini album ‘ORDINARY’ in July last year. This is the first album with 5 people formation.

Meanwhile, although Yong Junhyung and composer Kim Taejoo may not deliver huge changes to music for BEAST album, it is to note on how music and activity changes with the team re-organisation.

Last month, CUBE Entertainment announced Jang Hyunseung to concentrate on music producing as solo singer and withdraw from the team. With that reason, it was disclosed that “Jang Hyunseung and 5 members had difference in opinion on music that lead to differences in characters.”

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