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2016년 03월 05일

Interview: Park Bogum “Half worried and half looking forward to next piece of work…Feels burdened too”


I think sincerity can be heard through a person’s voice. Re-listening to the recorded interview, I can feel the possibility of overlooking the sincerity of speaker behind the handsome appearance and neat attire. A year after KBS2 drama ‘Cantabile Tomorrow’ interview, I met with Park Bogum (23), an actor who turned a star with tvN drama ‘Reply 1988’ and tvN ‘Youth Over Flowers (Africa)’. Like a year ago, Park Bogum is still thankful over many things happening and speaking gently. In addition, he has now grown into a young man with definite directions.

“I do not think of myself as very popular. Thanks to ‘Reply 1988’, it is merely more people knowing my name and finding out about me compared to the past. As trivial matters can turn into an issue, I think I need to be more careful. I am spending efforts to think deeper before taking actions. I am also thinking of how I should appear next as an actor, after ‘Reply 1988’. I am curious as well. There are times when I feel burdened because I wish to live up to the expectations of the people who are showering me with attention. I am thinking, ‘Will I be able to touch someone with my acting.’ Though I am in a state of half worried and half looking forward, I hope to continue working hard like now.”


The drama ‘Reply 1988’ that gives Park Bogum high popularity is based in Ssangmun-dong alley in year 1988. As a native of Seoul Mokdong, Ssangmun-dong is a mysterious and warm place to him. To act as Choi Taek at a time that is even before his birth, he listened to many songs in the 80s – 90s.

“It is awkward to say I am a native of Seoul Mokdong. (Laugh) Mokdong, in my memory as a child, was a very busy neighbourhood. People taking care of and being considerate to each other in Ssangmun-dong feels like it is something long ago. I started by listening to Cho Yongpil’s ‘I Hope It Would Be That Way Now’ to look for feelings of that time. There were many masterpieces. I really like ‘Reply 1988’ OST, ‘Together’ by Noel.”


He filmed his first kiss scene since debut in ‘Reply 1988’. About the ‘Powerful Kiss’ that made news, he said, “There is difference in lips that touched in the dream of year 1988 and the kiss in year 1994. It is expressing deeper relationship between Sung Deoksun (Hyeri) and Choi Taek. I wanted it to appear cool.” He shyly added, “I am thankful that director Shin Wonho was able to capture it well.”

Park Bogum repeatedly expressed his thankfulness to director Shin Wonho and the staff throughout the interview. I become curious as to how he is like when angry.

“I do not want to lose my temper but when I do, I am the silent style. Truthfully, most of the time it is my fault. I keep quiet in order not to tick the other party off. If I tick the person off, he will probably get more angry. (Laugh)”


As the youngest in the family with elder brother and sister, and taken good care of by family, it is probably why Park Bogum is mild tempered.

“We do not quarrel a lot among siblings. My brother and sister are older than me by more than 10 years. They give in to me a lot. They have experiences on things I do not know and I am always learning. They are people I can depend on. My father and I are very different from the father in ‘Reply 1988’ with Choi Taek. I tell my father everything. I share everything that happened in the day. Father is like a friend, but will point me in the right direction when needed to.”


Park Bogum has extraordinary passion for learning. Though there are interests in his next piece of work after ‘Reply 1988’, instead of leave of absence, he was concerned with course enrollment. He said his biggest worry is, “Failed to enroll in the liberal arts course that I wanted to attend the most. To watch out for the revised period..” He said, ” There are a lot to learn so I go to school. I want to stand on the musical stage.”

“I am learning musical as major in school. During my year 2, I was able to try performing through my theatrical studies. It was Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Proposal’. Though it was my first time performing, it was similar experience to ‘Cantabile Tomorrow’. A terrifying experience where everything has to be well noted of. If I study the play in depth… No! I do not even know acting well. I will take one step at a time to learn acting. (Laugh) I have 2 years left until graduation. I will start proper learning from vocalisation and I have strong desire to challenge by appearing on TV, movie and the stage.”

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