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2016년 03월 05일

Interview: Park Bogum “Said to become actor with twinkle in the eyes”
Park Bogum as “Choi Taek”


“Hyeri, a friend who gives out bright energy at filming site”
“Acting with tears is difficult… Helps when looking into the eyes of opposite actor”
50,000 fan cafe members… Big increase after Reply 1988
“A person bringing good influence in the future”

His eyes sparkle with innocence and purity. There is not a sign of show off or pretentious to be seen on him. The words “eyes are windows to the soul” fit him to a T. With the smile, it is like candlelight shining brightly in darkness.

Actor Park Bogum (24). The admiration does not stop at his looks. Humble attitude and mature acting skills. His upright personality too draws admiration. Throughout the interview, his repeated words of “Thank you” brought about happiness.

In tvN drama “Reply 1988”, Park Bogum starred as 18 years old genius “Choi Taek” in the game of Go, an icon for one-sided love towards Deoksun. Based in Seoul Ssangmun-dong, the drama features friendship and family, setting a record of 18% viewership rating with much love received.

Though the drama has ended, Park Bogum’s popularity is still on the rise. After filming ended, there are more than 100 requests from media for interview. His popularity can clearly be shown from this standard.

Even so, he is not a star that was discovered overnight. Park Bogum is an actor for more than 4 years, taking one step at a time to where he is now. He debuted through movie “Blind” in year 2011 and make his name through shows like movie “Chinatown”, drama “Bridal Mask”, “Remember you”. Then he met “Reply 1988” that became the turning point in his acting career.

He recently came back from a rewarded holiday trip to Phuket with Reply 1988 family. Followed by filming in Africa for variety “Youth over Flowers”. Though he got the nickname ‘Barbeque Egg’ from his tanned face after coming back from Africa, he got delightful screams continuously everyday.

We met in a cafe at Seoul Jongno disctrict, Samcheong-dong last April. He said he wants to become a good actor with twinkle in the eyes. Let us look at the story of outstanding actor Park Bogum below.


Reporter: In drama Reply 1988, Deoksun’s husband was not Junghwan but Choi Taek.
Bogum: In fact, I thought Junghwan was the husband. I got to know Taek is the husband when I read the scripts for episode 19 and 20. Reply series always have the element of looking for husband, so I wasn’t feeling particular or think of it as competition. The director said “Everyone is the main character in this drama so do not take note incessantly, have fun during the drama activities.” I feel thankful for being able to be together with good people.

In second half of the drama, Taek’s feelings towards Deoksun could be seen more, and Taek and Deoksun had their first kiss. I felt that it was confusing and thought of it as a twist. I too thought it was anyhow-husband-Ryu (means “in any case husband is Ryu Junyeol”) when I first came into contact with this term. But as filming for episodes 19~20 were a little time pressing, I mistakenly received the script for adult stage and knew then. The staff made a mistake by passing me the script for adult stage. I thought it would have a twist until I receive the script.

I thought the scene of kissing Deoksun in the dream was really a dream. It is because my script does not elaborate Deoksun’s emotional state. I asked Deoksun “When did you go?” and Deoksun replied “I left the moment you slept.” My script says “It was a kiss in the dream” and Deoksun’s script says “heart gripping sigh of relieve”.

Reporter: How was the collaboration with Hyeri who acted as Deoksun during the filming.
Bogum: It was interesting. Hyeri is good in acting and she made a lot of preparations, it was really like Deoksun. Hyeri became a friend who gives out bright energy at the filming sites. Whenever it gets difficult, we hear her laughter and it will bring about energy. She dances well too. A pity for Dongryong, Junghwan and Sunwoo. It is a pity for not being able to spend more time with them. It is a pity as ‘It would be good if Ssangmun-dong 5 people group could spend more time together.’ Even so, it is good to gather everyone warmly in Taek’s room.

Reporter: How was the kiss scene? It feels like you would be very shy.
Bogum: Though I appeared calm, I was very shy (laugh). It was Hyeri and my first kiss filming on screen. During this time, the guy should lead well, take good care and show consideration, but I am not sure if the end result is good (laugh). Shy.

Reporter: What preparations did you do for the kiss scene.
Bogum: I frequently drank water and brushed my teeth. (Everyone clapped while laughing) I am very shy. I think to do well, the male actor really should take care of female actress so that she doesn’t feel shy during this time, and remove the awkward atmosphere. I think there is a need to do well in the kiss scene too.


Reporter: Shin Wonho director and writer chose actors through auditions, and brings out the similarities between the actor and character in the drama… Do you think Taek is similar to yourself.
Bogum: The times of being quiet when it is time to be quiet, and being serious when it is time to be so are very similar. I am alike in terms of being focused on one person when in a relationship, and immersed into some things just like how the game of Go is to Taek. But Taek smokes and drinks well, watches pornography with Dongryong. A person that does everything he could. I think this portion doesn’t resemble me. (Laugh)

Reporter: Usually, do you not smoke or drink.
Bogum: Yes. I absolutely do not smoke, and I tried drinking but I cannot comprehend the reason on drinking for its taste. I really like those occasions and atmosphere so I can play better than the people who drinks.

Reporter: There is a very unique air belonging to Taek in the drama. When you were drafting the character for Taek, what was the air you created.
Bogum: Firstly, I learnt the posture, look of eyes and hand movement. I put in effort to learn the basic knowledge of the game of Go. I want to take this opportunity to thank Kim Jiwoon sunbae for helping me a lot.

I tried to speak at a slower pace when acting as Taek. I want to express myself in a way to stimulate motherly love. The writers did an excellent job in writing the script, the director too was merticulous and was able to bring out the drama faithfully.


Reporter: I heard you cried a lot at the filming sites.
Bogum: No. Who told you that? (Laugh) I didn’t cry a lot. It is because I grow attached and I feel it is a pity to part ways. The time I spent fliming with Ssangmun-dong friends and sunbaes is too short. It is deeply regrettable because I was alone playing game of Go, going to competitions and sleeping.

Reporter: What do you generally think of during crying scenes.
Bogum: Everytime there is a crying scene, the director explained to me in details. The situations and Taek’s emotions were also written clearly in the scripts. It helped me understand easily. Whenever I encounter difficulties, I will ask the director and spend effort to immerse into emotions.

Reporter: What is the key for doing well in crying scenes?
Bogum: It is really very difficult for emotional acting. To immerse well in emotions, look into the eyes of sunbaes and the feelings will come eventually.


Reporter: It seems very important to look at the opponent actor in the eyes to act.
Bogum: It is good to look into the eyes and act for every piece of work. I am thankful for grasping this early. I didn’t know this well when I debuted. I was very inexperienced in acting and only memorised my lines. During drama “Wonderful Mama”, I thought of Bae Jongok sunbae as mother and when I looked into her eyes, I choked with emotions. At that time, I can’t explain the pleasure of this through words – ‘Ah, this is not acting. This is working hard to express the person.’ After that, I got the desire to express myself through eyes. I wish to become an actor who can express well using my eyes.

Reporter: It seems to remind you of family frequently during filming of Reply 1988.
Bogum: Taek is the only child in the family. Choi Moosung, who acted as Taek’s father, treated me like his son. Thanks to him, I was able to act comfortably. I can feel sad and touched just by looking at him in the eyes. My favourite scene is where I gave a pair of gloves to father as a gift, he touched my face and looked me into the eyes, couldn’t say a word to tell me he loves me. Also, father told Taek, “I too, want to have close friends around me like you”, I was very touched when he conveyed that he wanted to be together with Sunwoo’s mother. I get more pleasure looking into the eyes and act. Or should I say exhilarating. There are such feelings.

Reporter: In the drama, Taek looks very tired playing the game of Go. There are people asking if you were really tired during filming, and not an act.
Bogum: The second half was truly so (laugh). I recalled I really fell asleep when mother Sunyoung and father Moosung said, “Really lost a lot of weight” as they helped cover me with blanket. Above all, the writer really explained the state of exhaustion in detail. It wrote, “Taek is so tired that he could hardly open his eyes and looks as though he will collapse any moment.”

Reporter: If you were to choose the most memorable scene from Reply 1988 filming?
Bogum: There is a lot. Firstly, there was the scene where Taek was eating with his father and said, “It would be good if father was happy”. Also, Taek being in a competition is different from his everyday life. Though it was not my part, I like the part where father DongIl was celebrating Deoksun’s birthday and told her, “It is the first time for me as a father, so I do not know well. I am sorry for not taking good care of you.” In addition, I was touched when Deoksun said “Why is my name Deoksun”, “I like fried eggs too”. I felt the sadness of being the second child. There is a lot besides those. Oh there is another one. Taek and his father were eating only Kimchi Stew and friends came with side dishes. There are a lot of scenes where love and affection can be felt even without words.

Reporter: What is the biggest difference after filming Reply 1988?
Bogum: The number of people who joins fan café increased rapidly. There is around 50,000 people. In the first half, there were around 5,000, and there were even lesser in the first place. With the increase in members, I am amazed and thankful.

Reporter: The name of fan café is Bogum Ministry of Health and Welfare. It seems to be well named.
Bogum: It was named well. (Laugh) I am proud of it.

Reporter: You received a lot of compliments through the works previously.
Bogum: Regardless whether the work is successful or not, I am thankful for being able to enjoy acting because this is what I like. I feel honoured that this drama received high viewership rating and is able to receive love from people from all ages.


Reporter: You went Africa for variety show “Youth Over Flowers”. Fans were surprised by your tanned look in the airport after filming.
Bogum: (Regarding my face) Chocolate milk, roasted egg, sweet potato.. I received such nicknames. Our director took care of my by applying lots of sun cream but I seemed to get tanned even more. I didn’t know I will get this tanned.

Reporter: You can speak really well. I was worried you will not speak much like Taek.
Bogum: I think being MC for Music Bank helps me a lot. I need to react quickly because it is live broadcast. While I was being MC, I received a lot of experiences. I also grow confidence (laugh).

Reporter: I know you were originally preparing to be a singer. When do you feel it is good to have become an actor, and not a singer? What is the charm of acting?
Bogum: I do not have lingering feelings to be a singer, and I have no regrets. Our CEO says no matter when, I can sing as I act. I find acting interesting. As I do not sing very well, I want to sharpen my skills more. I am currently studying musical major, if there is chance, I will like to appear in front of everyone in a musical.

Reporter: What significance is Reply 1988 to you personally?
Bogum: A drama that leaves me with warm memories. A drama after some time, since family drama “Wonderful Mama”, also a drama that talks about family which is suitable for all ages to watch. With all the attention from everyone, I have happy memories. A drama that I do not want to forget, and wants to respond to until the end.

Reporter: Not long ago, you had a fan meeting and cried a lot. What is the reason?
Bogum: I think it is due to the thankful feelings. It is the first time meeting since debut and there were around 3,500 people, not a small figure. When I see the seats all filled up, I felt thankful. I can be here because of everyone’s support all this time. If there are no fans, I don’t think I can enjoy acting this much. I feel really thankful and apologetic. There is nothing to give to fans and I am always on the receiving end, so I feel apologetic to fans. I like the time spent, being able to talk to fans.

Reporter: The rumour with Jang Nara has past. There are many people curious about the truth to this.
Bogum: There is nothing going on with Jang Nara noona. This is preposterous. At first I felt amazed at the rumour. It is the first rumour since my debut 4-5 years ago. I felt apologetic to even contact Nara noona. I met with Nara noona through drama “Remember You” and learnt a lot from her. I was startled by the rumour. I felt amazed and I think there is rumour because there many people who likes me.


Reporter: What is your ideal type? I think female fans are very curious about this.
Bogum: I want to meet female who can take care of me well. A person who can be like a friend, and there are many to learn from each other. We can fill up the areas lacking between us, and a person who is kind.

Reporter: I know you are the youngest in your family with 2 male and 1 female. What are you like at home?
Bogum: Compared to Taek, I am more like Sunwoo in the drama, I tell my family everything that happened in the day. What did I eat, the food is delicious.. I even talk about such trivial things. I think the relationship in our family gets closer like this. I like to share stories.

Reporter: Is there any actor/actress that you will like to work with?
Bogum: I will like to act with Yeo Jingoo. A senior who is younger than me, I think there is a lot to learn from Yeo Jingoo. He is very good in acting skills and character expressions. At the same time, I will like to act with the family members in my company. There is no chance to act with the seniors in my company. I will feel happy seeing them at filming site.

Reporter: Is there any role you will like to take up in the future?
Bogum: There is really a lot. As there are a lot, I will like to try acting in different kinds of works. I want to express well regardless of the roles. I hope to wear school uniforms before it gets too late.. There are so much I will like to do.


Reporter: Is there a role model you look towards?
Bogum: All seniors are role models. Though it may appears greedy, I also want to appear as a role model to someone.

Reporter: During this time, the producers and related people who worked with you have been saying Park Bogum is kind with consistent character and have strong foundations in acting skills. It is understandable to change as an actor, what is the secret to staying consistent?
Bogum: My parents have always tell me to be humble. They said “10-1= 0”. It means even if I do well 10 times and I fail once, all will be gone. They tell me if I stay upright and clear, I will become dignified. It is not quite possible to receive attention and love from everyone forever. During this time I am receiving love, they tell me to repay back the love to those who likes me.

At the same time, they tell me I can turn for the better, not for the worst. Family members and family in company did not tell me I did well under all conditions. They objectively told me “Why are you acting like this.” These advices are blessings to me. If it wasn’t for my family members and family in company, I will not be where I am now.

Reporter: What kind of actor do you wish to become in the future?
Bogum: I want to become a person who can influence positively. An actor who can touch people deeply. My goal in 2016 is to hear “I want to act with Park Bogum.”

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