2D1N Batam Trip

Time to blog about my 2D1N trip at Batam
I’m way overdue on this

Val and I was going all green eye when is at Seoul
How can we stay in the miserable Singapore and toss and turn in bed right?
That’s when we whipped up a Batam trip for the weekend that is to take place 2 days later
I am impressed with our zeal to make it happen

The Harris resort everyone raved about is fully booked!
Even the Holiday Inn Hotel sharing the same address is booked too!
Determined to have the trip materialize
We went through so much reviews and price packages

Finally made our booking for Novotel Hotel

We went along with the earliest boat ride to Batam
Queue at the Harbourfront was horrendous
We didn’t even know where to queue

Sweet Val reached early and bought us McDonalds breakfast
We stationed ourselves near the entry and eating at the same time
For fear the boat would left without us
Displaying the Kiasu-ness in Singaporeans to the max!

It was a smooth sailing trip to Batam
And our first meal had to be the long awaited A&W

Oh dear… 2 fast food meals within a day
I made a mental note to exercise more when I return
Its worthwhile for this big delicious mug of Root Beer Float
Look at the goodness oozing out!!!!!

After a very satisfied meal, we moved on to check in
Boy~ The ride is loooonnnngggg
At least our superior room doesn’t look too bad
It even has a balcony!

If you look close enough at the picture
There’s also a bed side reading light
So sweet~
A pity I didn’t bring any books along

We decided to tour around before going for the relaxing massage
Us before the massage

Us after the massage?
Totally no photos because we were too relaxed and sleepy to take any

I miss the massage already!!!

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