Captain America

Last night went Esplanade for indie music show by 黃玠 + 黃小楨
Eyes gradually became very red and uncomfortable
Had to remove contact lens halfway through the show
Couldn’t really concentrate throughout the performance
I had the non stop “Because I’m naughty naughty” ringing in my head

Anyway I reached home around 12.30am and rushed to shower
Sat myself right in front of the tv at 1am
Waiting for the Music Core repeat telecast
Finally managed to see this HD on my own tv


Today went out to catch movie Captain America with Mushroom
I think I haven’t woke up entirely when I bought the movie tickets
Overheard the people behind me talking about the 12.50pm show
And I really bought the 12.50pm slot tickets
I only realized my mistake when we were making our way to the movie theatre
We were expecting to catch the 1.45pm show!
Good thing the ticketing officer allowed us to change

Because of my red eyes
Today was a no contact lens and make up day

Oh… I didn’t photoshop the picture too!
I only used iPhone app to adjust lightings

Good night everyone ♥

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