BigBang is Coming to Singapore!

Exactly one month since my eyes turned sore
And dammit… They have not fully recovered yet
Should I make another trip to doctor’s again?

Bah… … …
I totally dislike wearing glasses wherever I go
I wanna see the world clear without anything weighing on my nose bridge!

On a side note
Just went to collect our F1 tickets yesterday
It’s way cool

80% of my excitement contributes to the performing artists
But still there’s 20% because of the race cars I’m gonna see!

Final Destination 4 scenes are suddenly flashing through my mind
Which reminds me I haven’t caught Final Destination 5 on the big screen
Hmmm… …

Anyway colleague was asking me the other day
Whether I’m going F1 because of oppa and which one
She doesn’t even know who is coming to perform and jump at this conclusion
And do I have that much oppa to choose from?! XD

She’s WRONG!!!!
They are not of age to even be my oppa

I am finally gonna see BigBang members in person this year
GD TOP Seungri

I am anticipating ^o^

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