Dreams Yet Again

I better pen it down before I forget the details of my dreams last night
Which… I already am
Yes, there were dreams…. 2 of them which I recalled

In the first one, I was in a place that looks like a hospital waiting for lift up to level 13
The next moment, I was looking for a guy of age 30s in neat cut hair, rectangular spectacles
He approached me like he was waiting for me and offered a name card

Apparently I was there for an interview as a journalist or position of similar sort
Yet the position I was applying for is entertainment related
Throughout the session I was slightly nervous but confident
At the same time, it was pleasant
Like I’m really gonna get the job

In the second dream, I saw Sungmin and a old wise lady sitting together on stools
The wise lady seem to be a fortune teller of some sort and is giving advice to Sungmin
She was talking and he was listening intently, following every word she spoke

She told him that amongst the group of people (including me)
There is a girl that is most compatible with him
I saw a digital number increasing and faces changing like those of a variety show
It turned out to be someone else with a compatible rate of >90%
My heart sank and I woke up


I haven’t even got chance to pen this down properly and get my dream interpretations
New dreams are here
I can’t keep up with the rate I’m dreaming

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