SS4 BKK – 17th March 2012

We arrived in BKK later than planned, with flight delay of 20minutes
Luggage collecting was a slow and torturous process
Finally tugged luggage out of Suvarnabhumi Airport after another half hour
We cabbed to hotel under the scorching sun

Hotel check in was another long wait
Arriving at 4.30pm local time, they told us we had to wait for another hour for an available room
This is seriously uncalled for!
I could feel my blood boiling when they told me that
Good thing they were able to secure us a room before I unleash my fury

Quick dinner at McDonalds before we head off to the concert venue
I can’t remember when was the last time I had McPork
It tastes good!

We were all queasy when caught up in the traffic on our way to the concert venue
Arrived in time to listen to “Superman”
My first time in mosh pit for Super Junior

It was so close, compared to seated arena
I could feel them look at us as though they were trying to recongnise faces
And there were so many times I had eye contact with the members
The only thing I wasn’t sure was whether Yesung really saw
Its forever him turning away once I thought our eyes met

And I was dragged outta the concert venue for photo taking during “Perfection” song
1.5hrs concert missed

I was just standing around the concert venue moping when Siwon suddenly appeared in front of me
He waved and smiled ever so sweetly
At least he made my night much better ^^
I also managed to see Yesung’s parents and Donghae’s elder brother as they leave concert hall

We didn’t spend a lot of time trying to hail a cab back to hotel
Just that price paid is around 3 times of the original price
At least we weren’t desperate to hop on a cab that quoted us 10 times the price

Waited in the hotel lobby to no avail and we were more intent on using the Internet
With grumbling stomachs, we decided to leave the hotel for our own activities
Walked a long long way combing through the streets outside our hotel looking for a decent Thai Massage shop
Finally decided for one that was just average
Supper was Nissin instant Tom Yum noodles + Coke

Slept at around 4am and we were dog tired
I just wish I could sleep my unhappiness away
Wishing the next day would turn out all well

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