Tanning at Gardens by the Bay

I am like way overdue on this post because I totally forgot about the photos lying in my camera
No, this has got nothing to do with aging!
Don’t you dare put that into your head

Anyway my friend’s nephew, BBB was going to move to Perth for years
We got leaked news that BBB would beat Gardens by the Bay on one fine weekend
So Val and I decided to appear and act like we accidentally bump into them!
Excellent Plan!

It was more nerve wrecking than stalking kpop stars like Super Junior!
We were worried about his mood for the day, whether he would be exhausted, willingness to take photos.
To add on, we were slightly worried about raining since where we wanted to visit is outdoors
Turned out our worries about the weather were too uncalled for
The sun was very generous and I turned two shades darker when I reached home at the end of the day ㅠㅠ
Should have applied sunblock before I go
Sobs Sobs~

The oh-so-beautiful Marina Bay Sands Hotel
I miss swimming in the infinity pool at level 57
But definitely not in this weather at this time
I’m very sure I’d skip the sunburn portion and immediately turn charcoal black

I like blue sky and white clouds
Probably because of my obsession with Yesung from Super Junior ☁

Isn’t the scenary beautiful?
The solar-powered Super trees compliment the Singapore Flyer well
Singapore looks so green under the blue blue sky!

I have already resorted to umbrella from this point onwards
And it was just the starting of the trail!

You have no idea how much I wanted to jump under this lion to let it spit over me

Val and I finally found shelter to hide from the toxic sun
We were so reluctant to go back under the sun to venture
So we decided to get ice-cream!!!!!!
Nothing beats an icy cold cup of ice-cream to ease the heat away

And we bump into BBB!
Isn’t he cute MAX?

He used to let me carry him when he was younger
But since he start recognizing faces, I’m not in his list anymore (Saddened
You bet he’s heavy for a 1year old plus child~

Val and I managed to take a picture with him when he was enjoying himself
He wasn’t looking at the camera though
Now we can’t be greedy right? XD

We were taking a selca when BBB pops into the picture!
Delightful surprise~ Kekekekeke

I was grinning from ear to eat because I wasn’t supposed to be in this photo
Well, I just couldn’t resist being near BBB~~~~

Look how handsome he is!
I’m already missing him much
Looking forward to the day he returns to Singapore! 

Ending the post with a pretty scenic view of Singapore from Marina Bay Sands

I want to go Gardens by the Bay again to catch the night view of the super trees!
And no more charcoal black suntan~!!!!


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