I just recently opened up this blog not long ago, slightly more than 1month to be exact. If you have the patience to scroll through my entries right from the start, good for you! You might notice that it goes back all the way to March 2011.

Hey, I’m not lying when I said this blog was opened a month ago!

The entries prior to September 2012 were all written in my Livejournal blog. I merely migrated them over. I took the time to even edit the time and date of the articles to exactly when I’ve written them. The painstaking efforts (Sniffs)…

Anyway I stepped in my blog today, wondering if I should just add a random entry and voila! I am the 1000th visitor of my own blog (Throws Confetti)!
It only me a month to build up 1000 visits, I hope the future visit milestones will get even more promising. Heh~

Thank you everyone who have visited my blog!!! 

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