Jeju Island: Maze Land

In Jeju, there are various mazes such as Mirror Maze, Gimnyeong Maze Park, Maze Land. It took us some time to decide which one we wanted to go. A concern we had is the very limited time in Jeju Island we had, 2D1N to be exact. What if we got stuck in the maze for 6hours? We might have to forgo a tourist spot because of this. We then assured ourselves this wouldn’t happen due to our high IQ. LOL~

We then decided on Gimnyeong Maze Park (김녕미로공원) because there are platforms in the middle of the maze where you can climb up to take photos. To add on, the maze is in the shape of the Jeju Island!

Though we did well self-assuring, when the driver said to wait outside the maze for 1.5hours, we looked at each other and gulped. We ourselves were not convinced and didn’t really know what to expect.

We paid for the entrance fee and was given a map of the maze. The entrance sign welcomes us!

The maze was built in such a way that you can’t cheat by looking over or through the hedges.  I must admit it was a bit overwhelming initially because I felt lost. We decided not to rely on the map at all because it takes away the fun.

Things started to get interesting with the things we see. We managed to walk under a platform and a sign here wrote do not kiss in caps with exclamation mark. How cute is that!

In one of the dead ends, there is another sign in Korean 뽀뽀금지 meaning kissing forbidden. ㅋㅋㅋ

In another corner, a fake skeleton piece to scare the hell outta you. I think it would be so exciting to spend Halloween in a maze! Why do we not have mazes in Singapore?

We found one of the platforms and decided to take pictures like this. You wouldn’t know how hard these pictures came about. The photographer has to stay on the platform and shout out to me which corner to turn in order to capture an angle with me in it.

We found the right platform of the maze! There is a bell at the top of the platform where you can ring it to celebrate the moment. Ding Ding Ding Ding~~~~~

Look at the maze behind me! We conquered it! Heh~

On our way out, I was so delighted to find a post box. But I don’t think its functional so don’t drop any postcards or letters in there!

There are some topiary to be seen at the exit of the maze. Call me ignorant, but I’ve never seen so cute and pretty topiary in my life.

We ended the maze in less than 1.5hours. According to Korea Tourism Board, a rough estimation they indicated to complete the maze is half an hour. We spent a lot of time taking pictures, going back into the maze to take more pictures. We even ate corn dogs at the exit. So it kinda explains why we took such a long time to complete the maze. On the overall, the maze is really easy. We didn’t even utilise the maps to navigate. I guess I will probably explore Maze Land next, and it seems more challenging.

Gimnyeong Maze Park
Address: Jeju Special Self-governing Province Jeju-si Gujwa-eup Donggimnyeong-ri
Operating Hours: 08:30-19:50
Phone Number: +82-64-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)
Website (Only in Korean)

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