Kuala Lumpur Trip

I haven’t been updating for such a long time! Time flies and the past month has been so hectic and busy. SMTown came to Singapore and thereafter, I went Kuala Lumpur to attend a wedding of a very good friend. I’ll blog about SMTown separately, so stay tuned!

I was quite ill when I made the trip to Malaysia to attend the wedding. Flu and fever doesn’t go well together for a trip. I haven’t seen the folks I was going with for some years. Despite all these, the trip turned out so well and I made new friends!

The sweet newly weds~
It was so hard getting the groom to drink alcohol! In the end we prevailed! Muahahaha~

With ever so sweet Ivan~ ^^

I think I drank like 2 cups of red wine at the dinner. My eyes could hardly open when we left at 11pm. The night was still young so we decided to go clubbing!

The Long Island Tea was tooooo big a glass. The DJ was great! I vomited twice before taking this picture and another time after taking this picture. I simply couldn’t take in any supper! LOL~ So I left the peeps and went back to my room to shower and pack for leaving the next day. The effect of too much alcohol when my body is not in good condition.

The next morning at breakfast table. Refreshed once again!

We took a shot at the hotel we were supposed to stay in initially. Sigh~ Next time, we shall not take the heed of someone’s advice. The room we ended up in was like a jail ㅠㅠ Thankfully we had very little time of stay in the accommodation.

A group shot before we left Malaysia truly Asia~
Cam whoring on the bus… Heh!

It was so good seeing the folks again. Feeling so loved from the friends~ 

In a blink of eye, 2012 is coming to an end. Wondering if I should do a summary of 2012 and wishes for 2013. Anyway, Happy New Year everyone! Hope your 2013 will be better than 2012! ^^

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