Online Shopping Loots Arrived

I went online shopping a few days back in year 2012. It was very much needed because my 4 pairs of  shoes were spoilt in 3 consecutive days. I blame it on the rain and the humidity of Singapore. Well, on a positive note, it gave me reasons to shop!

I visited both Singapore and Korea Gmarket but I think the latter has more designs. Korea Gmarket has English interface, so there is no problem navigating the sites. To my surprise, my loots came within 2 working days all the way from Korea via EMS! I wasn’t expecting delivery so prompt to be honest. Such a pleasant surprise! Teehee~

Boxes within box! My shoes were safely packed in small boxes above. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them!

I got a pair of couple flats with my mum. Her’s was the darker blue and mine lighter blue!

If there’s anyone interested in the sole of the flats at all. Kekekekeke~

The main reason for my purchase with Korea Gmarket! I needed platforms and they provided more selections. I don’t know why Singapore has so little platform designs. Are all Singaporeans so tall that they do not need such things? I’m not short myself, considering I was accepted to be a cabin crew with an airline in Singapore. I still think platforms are cool, and especially important coming to standing in moshpits for concerts!

My very comfortable pair of platform. Heh~ Can you notice the different layers of design? I am so happy with the purchase!

I guess I am very safe with these anti-slip soles. Most importantly, the shoes are not heavy and they don’t bite!

I’m so gonna bring these shoes out soon, so stop raining please~~~~~~~~~~

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