Awful Customer Service: Beats by Dr Dre

I have been in a mean mode since my Beats by Dr Dre Tour earpiece were spoilt within a half a year purchase. My friend bought it for me in Hong Kong as a birthday present last August. Some time in December last year, I started experiencing muffled music and sometimes no sound at all. I have already registered the product under warranty and thought it would be an easy process to fix my spoilt earpiece since it was spoilt within half a year.

I was wrong.

The customer service staff that attended to me via email insisted that I sent them the proof of purchase. As it was a present, of course there was no receipt. They then told me to send a credit card transaction record as proof of purchase. I thought it is very sensitive asking my friend to pass me his entire credit card bill and wished there were other ways.

I suggested to send in pictures of my earpiece, as well as the entire box with barcode on it for them to verify my product is truly authentic. I even called in their customer service hotline. The person who spoke to me over the phone agreed and I sent in the email immediately. However the same person who has responded to me via email told me below.

Yes, this basically meant that I have no idea who talked to you and don’t care. I will not warrant what my other colleagues say.

After multiple angry emails I sent, the person Brandi simply refuse to budge. I could only apologetically ask for the credit card statement from my friend and sent it out on 5th February. I got reply 2 days later.

It seems that all I need to do is to wait for 5 weeks and I will be able to receive the replacement set. So on the 4th week, I sent another email in to check whether shipment has already been made. I got a reply below.

At this point, I was actually thinking whether I should get a pair of Audio Technica earphones during the IT Show at a deal, to tide me over this period of no earpiece. So I replied:

I even bold, underlined my questions. Yet, the reply I got again is this:

Yes! He refuses to answer my questions!

I patiently waited for another 2 weeks and decided to mail them again.

I got a reply from another person this time:

This is so ridiculousssssssssss! How could I enjoy the rest of my week when the replacement they promised me to send me are still with them after 2 months?!

I made a typo back there. It was promised 3 weeks of processing but we’re already at the 6th week and they were still processing. I think I have given up hope at this time and really just want to see how long more they were trying to drag me on.

And finally the earpiece arrived on the 6th week. (Sobs) I wish I never have to deal with Beats by Dr. Dre customer support ever again! For everyone who’s considering to buy their products, please re-consider. What is the point of spending so much money on a product that spoils easily with lousy customer service that is not the least apologetic, and drags on the product replacement process? Pfft!

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