Dream Dream Dream

My dream last night started off with swimming free style in a big pool. I am starting to think it is because I didn’t get a dip in the pool with slide when I was in Kuala Lumpur Hilton Hotel in February earlier this year. I want to go swimming!!!! (Pouts)

Dream suggests that you are exploring aspects of your subconscious mind and emotions. It may be a sign that you are seeking some sort of emotional support. It is a common dream image for people going through therapy.

But… I am not going through any kinds of therapy! (Gasp)

In my dream, I was taking selca with 3 close friends in my dream. I was having short hair in my dream! Nooooo~~~~ I have intention to grow my hair these 2 years!

To dream that you have short hair implies that you need to downsize your lifestyle.

Ok… I guess my expenditure is a little over-busted recently. Perhaps it is an indication to stop my extravagant lifestyle.

To dream that you are taking a picture suggests that you need to focus more attention on some situation or relationship. Perhaps, you feel that you need to recapture some past moments in a relationship. Alternatively, taking a picture refers to your desires to hold onto a certain moment in your life.

I guess I am subconsciously reminding myself to treasure these friends around me.

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