Cosmos People Descended Upon Singapore

I went Switch for the first time in July to catch a live performance by Cosmos People, a band from Taiwan. To my surprise, Switch is quite a big venue. It gives me the vibe of Timbre. No wonder everyone whom I spoke to, told me it is the Chinese version of Timbre. Timbre basically plays English songs, and Switch plays Mandarin songs on top of English songs.

Anyway we were sitting very near the stage, first table in fact. So we had a very good view of the performers! Yay! The ambience in Switch is quite good, given the dim lighting. Warm, cozy fuzzy feeling.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because most important part is to enjoy the performance with our eyes, ears and heart. Switch doesn’t limit taking of pictures though. So bring on your DSLR if you like!!!

The last time I saw them live was back in year 2010 when I took a 3D2N trip to Kaohsiung just to watch them and Wonfu performed. Those were the days~~~~

The band that changed in members, leaving only 2 familiar faces I know of.

I quite like the above picture though my favourite member of this group is blocked here. The vocalist looking like he owned the world.

We got autographs, handshakes and photos with the band. Awesome!

To top it off, we happened to have supper nearby the concert venue and the band joined us shortly after. I had to work the next day so I left around midnight on cab. It was cool enough to be having supper with the band. Totally rocks the night!

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