A Break

I didn’t realise I have not been blogging for such a long time. It is once again Beast’s comeback! Hooray! Two comebacks in a year, Beauties are really spoilt. In case you have not heard the new song released last night at 12.30am (KST), do check out the MV below!

It has been quite a different experience for the past few months. I stepped down from a stable job in the government sector and joined a total different trait. Unfortunately, I seem to have joined the wrong team and went through a very painful period. I finally put an end to everything today, when my endurance reached it’s peak.

To cut story short, there are people who really needs to learn what basic respect is. And threatening to jump off a building doesn’t work for me, no matter how many times it is used.

I guess they’ve shown their remorse and really wants to hold on to me. Though I’m quite sure given their characters, it wouldn’t be long for their true colours to show once again. A pity it’s too late. (Shrugs)

On a side note, I’m available almost 24/7 now. I am sleeping so much that my skin condition turned so much better. Other than my driving lessons, I do not have any plans at all. Speaking of driving lessons, I am having so much fun sitting behind the wheel. Why didn’t I learn driving earlier? I sped so much during the lessons that the instructors have to constantly remind me to watch out for my speed. Ha!

I just returned from my Korean trip last month. It’s my second and last trip… … for the year, sadly. I have no idea when I’d go again but definitely looking forward to it. Perhaps it’s time to share some itinerary for my vacation. Do keep a look out for this space!

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