Combat a Cough with Korean Fried Chicken

With the rainy season arriving in Singapore, it is almost raining everyday. Hooray to the cooling weather! Booboo to my bad hair days. Whenever it’s raining, my hair just got more frizzy and they fall all over the place. In the morning when I left my house, it looks perfect. But a few hours down the road, WHAM! I look like a lioness. I’m using a few off the shelf products for my hair these days but it doesn’t seem to work. Someone recommend me please?

I have been sick for the past 1week plus and finally showing signs of recovery. Yet I still lose sleep to my bad cough. The moment I lay my head onto my pillow, the cough starts. At the rate I’m going, either I die from lack of sleep first or coughing my lungs out. It must be either one of these.

Despite all these, I still had fried chicken for dinner with my friends last night. I couldn’t resist the temptation when I saw pictures of APink members having fried chicken before their comeback stage.

Their new album is awesome, as expected, by the way.

I’ve long heard raves about Chicken Up and their watermelon soju. I’ve tried peach soju and apple soju back in Korea and totally love the taste. And so, Chicken Up off we go.

Before my meal, my friend who has tried it before has warned me about the overpriced and overrated food reviews circulating around. She had the buffet and added one watermelon soju for 2 to share, spending just slightly less than $50 per pax. That is a little steep price to pay for a meal of fried chicken. Yet considering there’s alcohol ordered for the meal, this still isn’t too bad.

Anyway my friends and I ordered a corn cheese appetizer, a serving of Ganjang (soy) fried chicken wings (4 pieces) and half a Yangnyum chicken. For 3 girls to share, we were full and satisfied. My favorite would be their soy fried chicken wings! I’d say it’s a must-order item on their menu.Yangnyum chicken was slightly spicy for my friend who doesn’t take spicy food well, but even she finds it tasty.

No,we didn’t order the watermelon soju because my company for the night rejected alcohol. So I guess I must make another trip down again!

It was a busy night, even on weekdays, and queue was long. Interestingly, 3 of us were given a table for 2 to sit at. When there was a table for 4 available, we requested to shift over to that table so I don’t sit in the hallway blocking traffic. The staff rejected us saying that table is strictly for group of 4. Now this is weird. Why is a table for 4 strictly for 4 members, while a table of 2 can sit up to 3 people?

I can totally understand if they explained to say that they have a big group coming and that table has been reserved for them, so they couldn’t allow us shifting over. What I couldn’t understand is their reasoning given to us.

Fine then. I continued on with my meal with my bag placed on my laps, eating at a table too small for the food we ordered. I straightened my back whenever someone walked past behind me and gave occasional dagger stares when they’d still knock into me from behind. I guest it is recommended that you visit Chicken Up in groups of even number: 2, 4, 6.

On a side note, if you are not accustomed to using knives and forks for chicken, you can always request for disposable gloves! This is how Koreans eat and it is a comfortable way to eat chicken  without dirtying your hands. We were happily devouring our fried chicken when my friend spotted another table staring at us eating. We appeared to be the only table with gloves on. After a while, they too requested for gloves. Ha! It’s good to know we managed to show other customers how chicken should be eaten.

Chicken Up
Address: 48 Tanjong Pagar Rd, 088469
Phone: 6327 1203
Operating Hours: 5.30pm – 3.00am

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