Christmas 2015

2015 Christmas is a merry one, I must say. Though a planned trip didn’t take place due to unforeseen circumstances, like a fan meet was confirmed through Korea media, but didn’t take place at all. So the money that was put aside for this trip was squandered on a staycation locally instead. We didn’t do anything at all the entire day. The gym gear that I brought and the swimming suit that I packed were both unused. We just ate and sleep, woke up to eat and go back to sleep. It must have been too hectic a schedule for my body that I ended up getting sick after the staycation. LOL~ (Holds up sarcasm sign)

Christmas came early for me when the 2016 calendar I ordered arrived in mail, along with electromagnetic sticker, 2 pairs of socks and a whole load of photos. DSCF15171Then it was gifts from colleagues and friends. Though not all I received are reflected in this photo below, but every piece of item I received touches my heart. Thank you everyone.DSCF15191Ended my Christmas with my favourite black tea latte in Singapore: Paris Baguette. Even the black tea latte transformed into little Santa Claus to warm my heart further. Merry Christmas everyone. I hope your Christmas this year is as heart warming as mine, if not even better.

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