Goblin: Sunny’s BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe [01]

Sunny is the very beautiful BBQ chicken shop owner who hired Euntak as a part-timer though the shop didn’t seem to have a lot of business. Here we are to see where Sunny’s original BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe is. This is the store that Sunny owns at the start of the drama. Later on, she moved the store to one with larger area space. I’ll be sharing the guide to the larger store in my later posts.


This shop is a branch in Gangnam district. Fortunately, the shop is fairly easy to arrive at.

How to get to BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe

Hop on the subway to Daecheong Subway Station (대청역) and take exit 4. This should only take around 10min to arrive at the destination. Come out from the exit and walk towards the direction of the red arrow below.

Keep walking straight.
Turn left into this alley.
Keep walking.
Look to your right and there is the BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe.

BBQ Olive Chicken Cafe
687-2 Ilwon-dong, Gangnam District, Seoul, Korea
서울 강남구 일원동 687-2
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 2am daily
Tel: +82 02-3411-5949

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